Download Betheme | Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme
(By : JessicaB33)
love Betheme , really easy to customize, your website will look amazing with this theme
(By : decolle)
Ottimo e funzionale. Facilita il lavoro.
(By : donnaker82)
Can't believe this new web builder is included for free, seriously love you muffin group team. So far been working in our agency with your backend version and elementor which i have to pay for but not anymore. seems i can switch to your new visual builder only now. It's awesome I really don't know how else to express my satisfaction :D:D:D:D
(By : bobsonperk)
hats off, the new live builder is what I definitely missed in betheme. thank you guys, you are awesome!
(By : DinoMaron)
I have to say that the new live builder is an absolute masterpiece. So far I used elementor, but switching to your new builder will definitely affect the speed of my work and greater customer satisfaction. Love it!
(By : roanworks)
They solved my problem, thank you
Download Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme
(By : HermanNdilu)
Sahifa Theme is the only way i can design magazine websites !
(By : contactderrick)
great theme, easy to edit, no issues at all.
(By : OnlineJohnny)
(By : mchat)
Thank you for being so active and making sure your theme works! I had a bug issue and sent this information over and they fixed this in the next theme update without charge..without having to purchase 6 mos. of support to resolve this. That's great customer service!!!
Download Envision - Responsive Retina Multi-Purpose Theme
(By : DeCarvalhoJr)
Dunno where to start, theme is really cool, features are amazing and the support.. dont know why theres some complains about it.. Support is friendly and helpful, ofc that they are doing their job, but i found very nice to talk to them.. I had my problem solved, and if you consider when i asked for it, i mean, twas saturday and got everything solved really fast..Support team could have waited till monday but they did help right way. Im glad to have a good support, cuz when buying an expensive thing (yes, for me, it cost almost 1/3 of my month salary), support is a must. Worth every cent Id like to be able to have some options on it instead having to ask for support about it but i hope they will add it to the theme.. Sorry for my bad english :) Thanks
(By : daddodd)
I've been using this theme for three years now. The ease of use is terrific. It's possible to do everything I want to do, such as create landing pages, various portfolio pages etc. As someone who is not 100% savvy about coding, this theme was the best choice for me. I love it! Some of my customers have actually complimented me on my website building skills. Of course, I took the credit, but in reality, I owe it all to orqun. Thanks dude.
(By : ksharawat)
this is supperb and easy to handle. Good Job - Team
(By : szuck)
The best theme as for today!!
(By : Mohammedshoukry)
Best theme ever It has the best pages editor Thank you for this theme Mohammed Shoukry
(By : nbcoffice)
I love the mega menu & overall presentations, well done
Download MetroStyle Responsive All Purpose WordPress Theme
(By : readkahlil)
declaring woocommerce compatability would be good...but great theme
(By : larugl)
Of all the themes I have tried, MetroStyle is the easiest I have used to set up a functional website. And the look & feel is quite unique.
Download Website - Responsive WordPress Theme
(By : garethspeedsix)
Nicely finished theme very accessible to the beginner but with lots of functionality
Download Travelo -­ Travel/Tour Booking Responsive WordPress Theme
They are very supportive, even to long time purchasers.
(By : Paultours1)
I love this theme the design is very Quality look good, i Enjoying to use this for my business
(By : Niyonshuti47)
it is a good template designed well and it is easy to customize , and the performance and the flexibility of it is good
(By : CosOleMollel)
Perfect design with the best idea, clean code, and super customer experience. Trust me this is ideal the best travel agency theme out there. I recommend!
(By : magictransfer)
The best theme EVER!!!!
(By : flyaway16)
Hello where is the file to edit the search bar ,enter a destination or hotel name , where when ... etc.. thank you
Download Osmosis - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
7. Osmosis - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  • Unparalleled and Effortless WordPress Theme
  • Premium & Multi-functional
  • Unlimited Design Options
(By : marsimon)
Excellent customer support! I am very satisfied with this theme. Highly recommended!
(By : JTomarelli)
Customer Support really goes above and beyond to help when needed most! In a matter of an hour, the issue was resolved. Thank you all for making life a little easier in these difficult times!
(By : KateNik)
Hello. I can say that OSMOSIS is an amazing theme. I am using a lot of themes, but this one has high versatility, is user friendly and has exceptional design.
(By : lgerling)
Customer Support is a 5+. Quick responses from tech support and the developers wrote some code over the weekend to help fix my issue....WOW! Thank you and feeling confident in my purchase of this theme!
(By : meladbako)
One of the best themes I purchased .. I am very happy with the theme, it offer wonderful features and amazing customer support
(By : fueradelcaja)
Es increíble! Tiene tantas opciones que cuesta un poco entender cómo llegar la configuración que se busca, pero una vez que lo empezás a conocer, no podés parar!
Download Composer - Responsive Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme
(By : Zkumeku)
My lovely theme! Great job.
(By : hangrub)
Great Theme: fast, responsive, flexible! Love it!
(By : kevinstylus)
A very reliable theme, easy to set up. The Support is the best I've experienced.
(By : poivre_et_sel)
I used hundreds of themes and Composer is one of the easiest to customize. It is by using it that one discovers its true value: smart and simple to configure.
(By : patrikvarga)
Good quality, good customaizability, good design, but a little bit slow.
(By : calvary21concepts)
Design quality, massive features & flexibility, extremely easy to customize to build ANY user experience, good documentation, code quality is VERY clean. SUPPORT in my experience in dealing with dozens of dopey slow dev support people that do not read the question or are smart a$$ is 2nd to none. We have multiple purchases & deployments & have done some crazy configs...the COMPOSER team is the real deal. Relwan & company are relentless at solving issues, suggestions, code modifications & CSS changes. They have NEVER let us down with either logging in & digging in and changing or sending the CSS or CODE mods for us to change. We plan to continue to work with the COMPOSER team on upcoming projects. We look forward to seeing their continued success. MOST Themeforest themes are from dev orgs that produce average, most suck at supporting their own product. COMPOSER rocks.
Download Movedo - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
9. Movedo - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  • The easiest ways to Import Specific Content
  • Ultra-Dynamic Parallax - Unique Animations
  • Cutting-edge Design Options
(By : doppiospazio)
Perfect for every website
(By : PhilippeSL)
Lots of possibilities and easy to use, a great theme !
(By : Elvis-EBE)
I really like movedo with all it´s possibilities and features! But the very best is the awesome support. Fast, friendly and highly qualified. So, I absolutely recommend movedo and the support-team! Andreas
(By : webgeluk)
greatives = great quality / great user support / great design ;-)
(By : josh2702)
Top-quality design and great support!
(By : PaigeAus1)
Easy to use and looks great
Download Angle Flat Responsive Bootstrap MultiPurpose Theme
(By : cfaulkie)
I have been using this theme for years on my personal site. I logged in to download an update and noticed I hadn't reviewed it. This really has stood the test of time with design and programming. The page builder not updating is somewhat frustrating but this is a very common issue amount all themes that bundle. Nice work.
(By : indevin)
Simple but stylish, efficient and is keeping up with wordpress and woocommerce updates.
(By : emgkru)
A lovely theme, I used for my company website, it suits perfectly. Also very satisfying customer support, I'm 100% for sure to recommend this to anyone looking for a theme.
(By : ilangutman1)
Versatile and professional theme, and a very responsive and helpful support team!
(By : kieronjames)
Not only is this an excellent theme, but the support from the whole team at Oxygenna is unbelievable. They have been incredibly helpful, courteous and prompt in dealing with a number of questions we raised when applying this theme to two different sites. We cannot recommend the authors highly enough. Fantastic!!
(By : elmohana)
A very unique design. you can build any kind of website with it. We used it to build an art community with social login and profiles. We have lots of plugins, but yet the theme works like a charm.
Download Flawless - Responsive Multi-Purpose WP Theme
(By : onthespot)
good theme. excellent support. prompt and accurate
(By : SuziSchumacher)
Love this theme and especially the responsive customer support they provide. Thank you for this theme and your support.
(By : kingba)
Great theme, very customizable and simple. The support is great and very fast. Great job for to the creator of the theme as well as the people in the support department.
(By : copiges)
Quick and with actual solutions for the problem you present.
(By : songs4earth)
This is hands-down my all time favorite WordPress theme. Best theme tech support as well
(By : tristramsmith)
Easy to use, but very powerful
Download GreenMart – Organic & Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme
13. GreenMart – Organic & Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  • Best rated Organic & Food WooCommerce Theme
  • Header & Footer builder with Elementor
  • Dokan WC Marketplace WCFM and WC Vendors
(By : ummakitchen)
Love the overall design quality of the GreenMart theme. Customer service was top notch and they were very quick to respond and resolve the issues. Enjoying the theme very much!
(By : alexgiul)
I am building a new website and I need a beautiful theme that allows me to support multi-language products, categories etc plus I need help to speed up this process avoid months and months of trials & errors. Well the theme is awesome and most important the support from Tbay is fantastic! I would thank Xuantit and Swallow for their efforts!
(By : siddhu42)
worth the buy product
(By : skytechng101)
support is fast and reliable. they are always on time.
(By : manishchander)
It's awesome in terms of everything. Design, Code, and optimization - Everything is just wow. Support is prompt, We have created a website at no time.
(By : Marc_Pier)
TOP theme + more than satisfied with the fast and good support
Download Route - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
14. Route - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  • Blog, Corporate, Creative WordPress Theme
  • WPML, WooCommerce, Drag and Drop Builder
  • One-Click Setup Demo, Easy Support Service
(By : thnk)
Great theme for production sites or client projects: solid, very fast and easy to customize via css. I never needed the support, for me this is a sign of good quality. Thank you for the good work all the years!
(By : mlsand)
I have an older 2 Star review on here due to poor support. Codestar saw the review and found my emails in his spam filter and replied to me within just a few hours. I highly recommend this theme, especially for new users like me. It was easy to purchase, install and CodeStar's youtube videos explaining the different aspects are REALLY NICE, they have saved me hours and hours of frustration. Thank you!
(By : charlythepearl)
There are literally hundreds of ways to customize this theme so that your business can properly brand and promote your products and services. This theme is awesome and the page builder is powerful and allows non-technical people to build their own website. There are many tutorial vidoes on YouTube to help you learn how to navigate through the features. I really love this theme. Charly The Pearl Atlanta Web Design & SEO
(By : wphappy)
Perfect theme wich you can easy customize. I like it a lot :)
(By : martijnkleiboer)
Very good, nice design. Perfect for me, Thanks for this very nice design for wordpress.
(By : mdksaiful30)
This theme is really awesome! I like codestarframework which is easy and flexible.
Download Blade - Responsive Multi-Functional WordPress Theme
(By : nlnieuw7)
I've been using the Blade theme for a few years now. I chose Blade because of its design and flexibility. It's a pleasure to build an awesome site and webshop using Blade. The theme is very well maintained with frequent updates. Best of all: the support is superbe! Keep up the good work.
(By : lkaehler)
This is an awesome theme for many different purposes. Good documentation and easy to understand.
(By : sgarbiwood)
Awesome customer support! Whenever I needed, they are simply the best.
(By : cotigordon)
Impressively fast and efficient support. Thanasis didn't stop until my problem was solved A+++ Team!
(By : Udumbara)
I´ve worked with many themes before and I´m happy to say that Blade is the Best theme I´ve worked with. Clean design, usability, no bugs, clean code, facility of use and best support ever!
(By : altiniEnvatoBestTheme)
One of the most modern platforms I have seen so far. Applies the latest web standard such as W3.CSS and JavaScript!
Download Essentials | Multipurpose WordPress Theme
(By : crinob)
This theme is very nice! It has a lot of features that allow you to create a very customized site that responding to different needs. Also, the customer support is really good because they are quick to respond and solve problems! Super recommended!
(By : Nancyls)
I have asked/emailed several questions to Essentials support and have promptly received informative and helpful solutions.
(By : Bioman26)
Awsome site, with a really great customers support. I buy this template for every website I create, keep going improving it, you guys are doing an awsome job, cheers from France.
(By : priyatheme)
Amazing Theme Fabulous Features. Only Customer Support Needs Development For Fast Support.
(By : marosticasrl_com)
Beautiful theme, cheers!
(By : nicolasumana)
Best theme I ever purchased in years. Beatiful designs and code quality optimized to the edge. Hope authors keep doing this brillant work!
Download Samba - Colored WordPress Theme
17. Samba - Colored WordPress Theme
  • Cheerful & Colored WordPress Theme
  • All Demos Ready With 1-Click
  • Easy To Use and Ready For E-Commerce
(By : Nicolas_Gehin)
Such an original theme ! Simple, works well, and very good support. Last reply did not take days or hours... it takes exactly 9 minutes !
(By : cgiink)
Absolutely beautiful wordpress theme and highly customizable. Regarding to customer service, Pirenko was very supportive when I found minor issues and were fixed right away. I'm also really very impressed overall with the Samba theme, very customizable and love the colors overall.
(By : akobryan)
Good theme, great support.
(By : attenedergrafikdesign)
Samba is an awesome theme with regular updates and Pirenko helped me whenever I had problems! Just great!
(By : davidjohn610)
Ran into some trouble with updates pulling proper files. Developer made time to correct it on our site. Follow through is 100%. Would be great to just have files download and update like they used to, but this works as well, just with extra steps.
(By : CrisnoopDogg77)
Thema is very good and well done in every detail, perfect! The support service is really fantastic ... Indicate for those who do not want to have any problems !!!
Download Salbii - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
(By : RadiumMedia)
Great theme and features!
(By : gabrigcl)
Great design great design great design great design
(By : surerank)
This is a goto theme.
(By : sumodevelopment)
This theme is wonderful. I used it in my project and havent had a single thing to complain about. When I needed support the author was there to help! THANKS!!!!
Download Urna - All-in-one WooCommerce WordPress Theme
20. Urna - All-in-one WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  • Dokan WC Marketplace WCFM and WC Vendors
  • Header & Footer builder with Elementor
  • Optimized Mobile WooCommerce Theme
(By : winsonsoo)
Customer support is great, help to solve problem and even give us some guides to get the website running even better.
(By : Norang1984)
I'm just returning here in this site from my busy schedule just to RATE this product & Support. The product is AWESOME as everyone knows. However the support you get is just PAR the 5 STARS. I would like to take time to thank the support team esp Xuantit for helping me resolve some of the issues I was facing. Xuantit was very prompt with the support and assistance. I WILL HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT to everyone who is interested to purchase as the support is awesome and the product is just amazing !
(By : kenvis)
(By : mrtrufini)
The theme is awesome and 100% customizable. But once again I want to talk about technical support, they are really efficient and helpful. They always find the solution to the problem and many times, even if they shouldn't, they also help you on problems not related to their theme. I want to especially thank Xuantit who is always a great support !!! Thembay great team!!!
(By : stevtey)
Great customer support on this theme. The guy who normally respond to my queries is Xuantit. He is very good.
(By : sunnydj29)
Customer support is amazing
Download DWT - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme
(By : netang)
Glad to rate this a 5 star the quality of the documentation is second to none and the tech support was a pleasure
(By : DonaraJaghinyan)
The Best Customer Support I have ever had in my Tech life. SO fast, kind and ready to help always.
(By : J-Carlos)
Siempre me han atendido y dado solución a cualquier problema que me ha surgido, incluso cuando ésta estaba frente a mi, pero no daba con ella. Estoy muy contento con su equipo
(By : caravan1994)
The customer service experience was fantastic, Jacob solved all the questions, problems and doubts I had. I recommend this spectacular template
(By : christianflamme237)
un commentaire français dans USA game. super bon et beau thème et l’équipe technique derrière ce sont des anges répond rapidement et sont a l’écoute. ils m'ont fais tout le travail,j'avais plus qu'a modifier le site comme j'avais en tète. je vous les recommande fortement voir mon rendu final
(By : MaazSurchy)
Support is really great, if you face any issue be patience and support team will fix it. Special thanks goes to the greatest of the all, S Khan
Download Homeland - Responsive Real Estate Theme for WordPress
22. Homeland - Responsive Real Estate Theme for WordPress
  • Real Estate WordPress Theme
  • Properties, Listings, Blog and Portfolio
  • Custom Post Types and Custom Page Templates
(By : sebulba1963)
Great them and Super support
(By : Caseuniche)
Quick, effective kind support :-)
(By : calyburo)
Great theme and very good support ! Thank you
(By : vicenriquez)
These guys know what they are doing and go the extra mile to help me with a support issue, follow my issue 'till was resolved. Thanks Mark for all your time and help! Cheers!
(By : escaladeproperties)
It might have taken some time to sort out my issue but support was eventually great and got the problem sorted out. Many thanks
(By : maximil_3)
I have used this theme for two years and as a newcomer have received all the help imaginable from your team. Great theme, great job guys, and thanks for all your help.
Download Time - Responsive WordPress Theme
(By : stormal)
Very innovative and extremely well executed. Well worth purchasing. Extremely versatile.
(By : AlexDunedin)
Simply put, Kubasto has blown my socks off with the professionality of his support and quality of code. I think he is one of the top quality examples of how pro coders should operate. Quick, concise, insightful. Well done!
(By : TigerUK)
Everything works as it should, kubasto is very fast to roll out changes when wordpress update breaks something in the design. Usually get a fix within 48 hours. Very useful