Download WoodMart - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme
(By : Flyfield)
I highly recommend. It's hard to find quality products on Envato, and especially on Codecanyon and Themeforest. But I'm happy to find that this is a quality product with fast customer support. Also I like the look of the theme and customizability while not being too heavy on code needed to load - especially considering that it has AJAX loading, owl carousels and all that stuff. If you want you can make it lightweight. Thanks for making a great theme!
(By : ythuang920)
The theme is very powerful. Customer support is wonderful.
(By : iivaa)
Great theme and customer support.
(By : whalestech)
Woodmart is one of the best ecommerce themes and best customer support.
(By : turkbike06)
I highly recommend the WoodMart to those looking for an e-commerce theme. It did a noticeable impact on my website's performance in organic search results.
(By : nabilsoumah)
huge amount of respect to this developers.... but one last things I would love to see in the login would be apple login... this is actually a main and fundamental features to have for the clients. but hey don't get it twisted... these peoples have slayed the games. there is no question about it.. beast theme.. support is Hella amazing.. crazy can even say how proud I am to experience the work. keep up the good work....
Download Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
(By : usawebdev)
I've purchased Total theme multiple times and is the theme I use for most clients for their websites. It is reliable, dependable, compatible, and is packed with features making it very easy to create a website for clients. Highly recommend!
(By : bleckett)
I put OTHER as my main reason for my 5 star rating because they didn't have an option for ALL OF THE ABOVE! TOTAL has everything you need. There is no need to look anywhere else. The default settings and samples are great to get a beginner up and running. And the many features and 'hooks' can let you customize almost anything. The most important and impressive part of this theme is the support! I've a few web sites out there and I've recommended this theme to many others and each time there's always a little something the needs to be done differently. If it's not in the docs then support will help you get what you want done. Simple as that. TOTAL is the perfect name for this theme!
(By : Elisha1889)
I have tried many WP themes but Total gave me more than I was expecting. The quality, loading speed, and flexibility of this theme is amazing. If you want to build out an awesome blog or an ecommerce store, look no further.
(By : markxkr)
It's called TOTAL for a reason - because the author has everything covered! I've endorsed Total before, but it constantly continues to amaze and delight me. Whatever you think of there is normally a solution in the theme somewhere, or in the extensive snippets and help guide. And if you ask for an option that might not be as you want it, then you get a fix as an interim add-on for you and then often it's in the next release! If you want a Total solution for web development, look no further. We just keep buying licenses, no need to look anywhere else.
(By : wpthemeraves)
Great multipurpose WordPress theme by a great team :) You have plenty of ready-made sites to hit the ground running. It's fun working with the Total WordPress theme :)
(By : GrumpyOwls)
The best theme I have ever worked on in my over-decade-long web development experience. Pitty I can't choose more of the reasons in my rating, as they are ticking almost all the boxes. It's just so easy to use, quality coded, very flexible and always up to date. Never had any major issues with it. Support very helpful and professional as well. 5 stars is not enough :)
Download XStore |  Highly Customizable WooCommerce Theme & WordPress
3. XStore | Highly Customizable WooCommerce Theme & WordPress
  • 1 The Most Customizable WooCommerce Theme
  • 100 Awesome Shops & 510 Worth Premium Plugins
  • Full AJAX Theme & Multi-Vendor Marketplace
(By : mythemesdianadesigns)
Incredible theme! full customization! for any proyect!
(By : Webdigi2021)
Well, I really like the customer support, they are fast and the theme is too good for customization as per need.
(By : danau)
Excellent customer support and willingness to over to the line to help and assist in resolving the issue I have with the Xstore theme.
(By : Polak)
Oustanding theme. Feature-rich and super customer support. Highly reccomended.
(By : maxlev26)
Quick answer and a good one ! Thx
(By : srinivasarises)
Support is really very good. Thank you very much.
Download The Retailer - eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce
4. The Retailer - eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce
  • Easy for beginners, a Sales Machine for gurus
  • Simple to install & customize, fast support
  • No Risk Warranty - Full refund within 30 days
(By : CobraJ82)
Great theme, great support, great functionality.
(By : ombakfurniture)
Great theme which has served me well, customer support is really helpful too!
(By : csiguenza)
Great theme, easy to use and tweak
(By : JulienST)
Still excellent support, 2d themes of this team, congrats
(By : ianbuhagiar)
Very efficient support
(By : abs-holdings)
The customer support is great. I know that there are a lot of requests for support, but they have been great till date. They have solved problems a lot of times really soon and I have huge respect for the team for this. Also, they have made sure that compatibility with the plugins that are requested by buyers is worked on and an update is released for it soon.
Download Shopkeeper - eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce
5. Shopkeeper - eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce
  • Easy for beginners, a Sales Machine for gurus
  • Simple to install & customize, fast support
  • No Risk Warranty - Full refund within 30 days
(By : StephanieAndrade)
Good and perfect theme easy to use, good support
(By : Amazing2Love)
Overwhelming support from the getbowtied team. They were very quick in responding to my queries and guiding me with proper help and support for getting my shopping cart setup easily. Thanks to Adrian and team. You guys rock!
(By : fdmsaraiva)
The theme is great, but what strikes me the most is the tireless customer support.
(By : stefsterhb)
I can't say enough good things about this theme and its sister theme The Hanger. Both are a must have for any dev or ecommerce business looking to stand out from all the rest. The insane perfection of the coding, the commenting and design blows any other theme out of the water. Not to mention it doesn't bloat like so many other themes out there. Compatible with most page builders is a plus too, but I do not recommend ever using Elementor with any eCommerce theme. This theme allows for easy to customize hooks and more. The only issue I've encountered is a way to hook into the Customizer. That's one thing that this theme and The Hanger are tricky to do. The staff at GBT are amazing as well. David, Adrian and the rest are always quick to reply back when I need a question answered. They seem to genuinely care about their customers. Hats off to GBT and keep up the great work!
(By : JohanWalter)
Great template ! Modern design, flexible. Suitable for shops but also for any website, it makes clean pages.
(By : noirebene)
A great theme and and an awesome support !!
Download Bazar Shop - Multi-Purpose e-Commerce Theme
(By : sdbirks)
This theme has always worked with every woocommerce that's come out. I'm not sure what the other (1 star) reviewers are doing, but I've never experienced any issues. I thoroughly recommend this theme.
(By : Airwavz)
overall very good theme
(By : kibreagraphics)
love to use this theme
(By : martinn12005)
Good design and works well
(By : darthquark)
All good but the images supplied with sample data seems corrupt.
Download Legenda - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
(By : nationspc)
I've used this theme on a couple sites and really like it. The main reason for the 5 star rating is the customer support. Every single time I've had a question/issue, they were on it in a timely manner and got things taken care of correctly. Good theme, even better staff.
(By : fluent)
Great support, quick, responsive and superior compared to allot of development crews. Great theme.. timeless.
(By : cmusleoLBC)
Last week I left a one star review for the customer support for this theme. The theme has always served me well, but when I couldn't find a way to contact anyone for an issue I was having, I had reached the end of my rope. The problem I had wasn't because the theme was broken. It wasn't. It was because I had done something wrong on the back end. 8theme reached out to me personally and offered to fix the problem or issue me a refund. They completely fixed it, at no charge, so I was wrong about their customer support. They do care about their customers. They went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction.
(By : ChrisOrigamiDove)
It's a really nice theme and very easy to put together. Support is quick and very helpful, what more do you need?
(By : spawn60)
Very good theme. easy to customize. 10/10 layout/code and really nice support.
(By : Coupario)
Great support and great theme as well!
Download Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme
8. Savoy - Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce Theme
  • Modern Minimalist Design
  • Fully AJAX Enabled Shop (no plugins required)
  • Reliable Elite Author
(By : daniboy360)
Design is beautiful, also has a very well UX. the code is very easy to customize.
(By : andrezeo)
Excellent for the store I just need. Beautiful theme and very easy to customize.
(By : uluponosurf)
I cannot count how many themes I have purchased on Themeforest over the years. By a significant margin, this purchase has been the best. The theme works as advertised and looks very good. I opted for a black theme and it still looks very good. The support is impeccable. Every question I have is addressed in a timely manner. This really is the complete package of a well done theme coupled with excellent support.
(By : m_monaco)
Amazing and simple template, minimalist design and easy to use.
(By : taiman7)
Great theme with great support, Very recommended!!
(By : BY_ZEEN)
Savoy theme is very well built, coding is clean and customization is easy. The documentation is very helpful explaining each section indepth. It has lots of features to customize your website. The customer support is amazing response times are within a few hours giving full and detailed information if you have any queries. I had an issue with some CSS, they went far beyond standard customer support to help me personalize the website. Thanks Chris.
Download Royal - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
(By : khoavo)
I've been using this theme for many years now and it is very robust and well maintained. But their customer support is next level. The respond quickly and provide solutions to almost every issues I have raised. Thanks for sharing your work.
(By : costas_io)
Excellent support! Keep it like this!
(By : Nirvanacreators)
i like every thing thank you
(By : carlitosfabregasvila)
I congratulate you for the template and for the support. Above all the support, they have a very fast and very clear response.
(By : talkonium)
very quality theme. latest and very easy to use, fast install and website is up in 1 day.
(By : hbconsultant)
Un vrai thème qui rallie design et fonctionnalités. Je tiens à féliciter le support qui est vraiment réactif et efficace
Download Sellegance - Responsive and Clean OpenCart Theme
10. Sellegance - Responsive and Clean OpenCart Theme
  • Responsive and clean design
  • Fully customizable OpenCart theme
  • Easy and intuitive for your customers
(By : nasirqureshiofficial)
a Perfect example for others to learn how a theme should be designed.
(By : Skull_515)
I want to highlight this template from many others! The ability to scroll through product cards is a rare opportunity. Powerful slider module. Flexible settings. Very beautiful design and functionality! Separately, I want to mention technical support. The author helped to correct errors that occurred when using the template in the Russian version of OсStore, not OpenCart! The ideal ratio of price and quality! If you need a modern store template - Sellegance is your choice! Highly recommend! I am very pleased with the template!
(By : feiheck)
Excellent support and good universal theme.
(By : ImCharlotte)
Brilliant design, perfect design for selling anything online.
(By : alinmanea90)
Clean design. Excellent support.
(By : sitelabs_au)
Luis is great at responding and is super helpful.
Download Aurum - Minimalist Shopping Theme
11. Aurum - Minimalist Shopping Theme
  • Clean Minimal WooCommerce Theme
  • Blazing Fast and Rich Theme Options
  • High Converting Shopping Theme
(By : ktstoremgr)
For me one of the best templates so far. Simplycity and functionality @ once. Plus their support is outstanding. I am a Laborator fan!
(By : creativecoda)
Customer support is amazing. These guys go an extra mile to help out their customers. Best people behind the curtains!
(By : Hak3n)
un 10 muy buena plantilla
(By : devisbal)
Great product and great support..!! Good code quality. Lot of features. And flexibility
(By : Tize)
They offer great support and care about their customers, an attention received 10 stars! You can have your page ready in a few minutes. Many thanks for everything. :-)
(By : MarieWeidnerjewellery)
Very pro-active (and friendly,,,) customer support. We exchanged a few emails with quick response feedback ==> feeling to be in "good hands".
Download Wokiee - Multipurpose Shopify Theme
12. Wokiee - Multipurpose Shopify Theme
  • 26 Niche Layouts, Color Schemes, Oberlo
  • RTL, blog, Instagram Shop, Fast
  • Video Tutorials, Power Elite Author
(By : CHOnlineShops)
The customer support is awesome. I wanted to transfer my theme to another store. The customer support was always available and helped me very quickly. The theme is great I can recommend it.
(By : urbancatdesigners)
The theme is great, but the customer support is just amazing! 100% recommend!
(By : faztaonline)
Great customer support and those people behind the wokiee theme are champions.! They always response quick and solve my issue in few mins. Great theme which is easy to work on and fully customizable Highly recommended my store:
(By : ke_wu)
Great customer support! Thank you again :)
(By : vikingwiz)
Great theme. Well designed. Maintenance releases and new features are released on a regular basis. My favorite thing about this theme is it’s intuitive and quite flexible. Can’t say enough good things about it after using other themes that were nowhere near as good as this.
(By : FNGrundstein)
Schnelle und kompetente Hilfe :-) Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Support!
Download Mr. Tailor - eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce
13. Mr. Tailor - eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce
  • Easy for beginners, a Sales Machine for gurus
  • Elite Author Level Reliability
  • No Risk Warranty - Full refund within 30 days
(By : astonrnx)
I completely loved this theme when I bought it, it offers plenty of features which are great and easy to customize. Unfortunely the design changed a bit with one major update, and I had to change for another theme. It lost the design parts I liked the most. However if you like the current design, I would highly recommend getting this theme because of it's features. Really good theme for this price! :)
(By : shabby12)
Adrian from Get Bowtied has helped us after some update problems very quickly and professional and safed us form insanity to find the failure. Very good theme indeed and best support one get get. Thanks a lot!
(By : healmaco)
The overall theme is excellent. Also, they provide excellent support (Adrian B. you are a genius). Highly recommended. One of the best I've worked with.
(By : joagon)
For years, we have been using this theme in our online shop. I only have positive words to talk about it and the team that makes it possible. Frequent updates, clean and usable design and great customer support. Keep going!
(By : Epineau123)
Perfect theme and easily customisable
(By : jellevandermijl)
Had contact with HINA, very pleasant and nice support !
Download Oxygen - WooCommerce WordPress Theme
14. Oxygen - WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Sell More with Amazing User Experience
  • Always Updated and Supported
(By : tiko1955)
Super Support, schnelle und einfache Unterstützung. Vielen Dank!
(By : sstio45)
Best theme i used so far! Nice design, clean coding, fast support <3
(By : hibourg)
Excellent Woocommerce theme & excellent support.
(By : PWProduktion)
Besides the obvious fact that Oxygen is a very stylish theme with tons of features the Laborator team also has a customer support which is top class! Can really recommend this theme by Laborator!
(By : chorme86)
It was a great experience. OXYGEN has a lot of features, nice and useful theme + documentation is also great.
(By : BCEE)
I am very happy to have purchased a theme that reflects my goals. I also received excellent support from the OXYGENE TEAM
Download EmallShop - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme
15. EmallShop - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  • 15+ Pre-built demo layouts
  • A super fast and mobile optimized theme
  • Supports multilingual and RTL languages
(By : statusboat)
Fast support with individual approach. Thanks.
(By : interluxslovakia)
Hello, I want to thank very much developers of this theme. It's excellent, customers are satisfied. In the company, it works with her without a problem. Support has been needed several times and she was excellent! We never expected longer than 24hrs. We include all themes from this developer to our offer here, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We look forward to further cooperation - we thank you
(By : morandoinformatica)
Simple to install, it's like in the preview. Super.
(By : ejjohny)
Great, working all features of SEO properly.
(By : acrobfashion)
the support team are very helpful and they solved each my issues within one day
(By : mstate2000)
Excellent customer service
Download Nitro - Universal WooCommerce Theme from ecommerce experts
(By : AngeloBenincasa)
Great Wordpress template and great customer care! I had a little problem but with a quick update we fixed it right away. Congratulations
(By : 396Creative)
An Awesome Theme Complimented with Professional & Prompt Customer Support Makes it Every Bit Worth the Purchase Price!!!
(By : Bykor2020)
best theme i found for my first e-commerce. easy to use and works well. thank you
(By : svetlana56)
Good support, there were several questions about changing the appearance, they were quick to provide information on solving problems.
(By : JP_S)
The theme is great and does everything that we hoped for and more. What we really enjoy as we are not professional website builders is the support team. They are very quick to get back to you and will do whatever they can to help you fix any issues you have with their theme. Great product!
(By : hacksmile)
Great theme of all time, thanks
Download Handy - Handmade Items Marketplace Theme
17. Handy - Handmade Items Marketplace Theme
  • Handmade Shop & Marketplace Theme
  • Demo Data included
  • VIsual Content Builder Included
(By : libreriasiddhayoga)
Customer oriented. They understand the customer's need from a broad perspective and support you where you need help
(By : fromtheartstudio)
Excellent customer support. Thank you!
(By : julianovikova)
Top level of support. Very nice Handy design. This is love at first sight.
(By : KanedaCS)
It is a great theme, easy to implement, but above all, the support is fast and effective.
(By : dabstercyp)
very good for google indexing
(By : CommOcean72)
and whenever I contacted support they helped quickly and gave helpful answers.
Download GoodStore - WooCommerce Theme
(By : Eileen1212)
Toller Customer Support, schnelle und kompetente Hilfe!
(By : Koks666)
Love the theme design!
(By : creawebNC)
Thank s for all :-) :-)
(By : europez)
Great shop theme for woocommerce. Highly recommended. Good features and excellent support.
(By : blockerbella)
It is worth every penny
(By : avincomp)
This team is awesome. They fixed my issues in less than 24 hours despite being the season of holidays. Highly professional and their design and coding standards are the best.
Download Reviver - Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme
19. Reviver - Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme
  • The Best Virtuemart Theme Ever!
  • The Most Popular Virtuemart template!
  • The Best Rated Virtuemart template!
(By : imexit)
Very good theme and awesome support and quick response. Thank you for great help even after my expired support.
(By : allrec)
The template is old... I am giving 5 stars for the support! After a few tweaks the template works fine!
(By : roper117)
good for complex carts in Joomla
(By : Rendy77)
Nice and good template. Support is fast and very helpful! Congratulations!
(By : DarkDesire)
Complete Solution. Great choice!
(By : sterbekzsolt)
The most beautiful template I have used so far. It was a little hard to start at the beginning, but that's my fault. The support is very fast, helpful. The most important They also speak the language of the beginners!!!!!!!!!! This is very super in this rushing world. Thanks a lot for the developer.
Download Basel - Multipurpose Ecommerce Shopify Theme
20. Basel - Multipurpose Ecommerce Shopify Theme
  • Shopify 2.0 Ready, fashion, furniture
  • Drag n drop builder, electronics, digital
  • Multiple Home pages, shoes, men, women
(By : esanroman)
Awesome customer support!
(By : Ralphod1)
Great and dependable customer support.
(By : PhaseTwoMedia)
Support responded to our problem within one hour! Wow. It seems that the theme will be working. Let's see! Thanks Guys!
(By : mongwinessg)
Theme is fantastic. Customer service is the best. They are very prompt in replying to enquiry that you have with clear instructions.
(By : brodmea)
Very useful and powerful Shopify Theme! The first impression was bad, they are the response late cause they are on vacation! (I did not know it before they told me they were on vacation.) after then they supported me very quickly! They solved all of my problems what I had. Thanks, Sarah Pham
(By : Tbteeth)
Excellent theme and customer support is very fast and helpful!
Download CiyaShop - Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme
21. CiyaShop - Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  • Unlimited configuration options
  • Various useful features/extensions included
  • Fast, Optimized, Advanced features
(By : wazzyl)
The Features for this content is amazing, I love how the designer made the theme, it's a complete overhaul for my webshop! Thank you!
(By : atulalive)
The theme is awesome with really good features. But there is one problem with the theme. You can't test it on the testing domain. We going to test it on for Dokan Multivendor plugin & Product Designer plugin compatibility test. But at the testing time, we use licence key and now we can't use it on live site now. I think so you have to provide a testing version also for a 1-day trial. Because as a developer we have to test your theme with other plugins to check compatibility issues. So don't use it on a test domain. You can use it directly without testing.
(By : marthin4m)
The theme is awesome and compatible with marketplace plugins, amazing customer service response less than 24 hours responded me on working day, highly recommended.
(By : punugoti1234)
Very nice. easily customizable
(By : paulitov)
This theme is gorgeous and easy to custom!
(By : basslion)
Great Theme and excellent support. They really go above and beyond to make sure their Theme is running smooth and you are happy. I have purchased this theme 4 times already!
Download Shella - Multipurpose Shopify Theme. Fast, Clean, and Flexible.
22. Shella - Multipurpose Shopify Theme. Fast, Clean, and Flexible.
  • Incredible UI and UX, mobile optimized
  • Page builder, create unlimited layouts
  • True collection filter, filter by anything
(By : TamelaJaeger)
I purchased this theme about a month ago. In all the shopify themes there are, this one is literally OUTSTANDING! I cannot stress this enough. It has videos and complete instructions that help you to set your shop up beautifully, skins and options galore. And, if you have any kind of issues, they will help you ASAP, which I had to contact them and they replied to me within a few hours and solved my issue in one reply. You do not need anything else that this Shella theme doesnt offer. Its very simple to set up with very detailed instructions and videos to help you. Its very fast loading, very clean coding and no BS crap that isnt needed. It is Shopify 2.0, which is why I purchased it LOL and also because it has some awesome skins to use for Holidays. I have been coding for 25++ years and I love when I run across a jewel, like Shella. I do not know about Shopify and only started using it 6 months ago and have spent hundreds on themes that took forever to load and had bad coding. I LOVE this Shella theme. It is hands down the BEST Shopify theme on the market and the customer service is top notch and it has outstanding videos and instructions to help you. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and money, buy this Shella theme, you will NOT be disappointed and I guarantee that. You will seriously love it and your customers will love it because its very professional, clean and FAST! OUTSTANDING JOB! Thank you so much for creating this shopify 2.0 theme. I really LOVE it!
(By : freakgame)
Super friendly customer support and great theme with several customization options. Very recommended!
(By : Aeming)
High-quality templates. Fast customer service. Thanks you.
(By : Brandtures)
We have been using this theme for a time now, really well coded great design and is updated regularly, we recommend it if you are looking for a more advanced shopify theme.
(By : ocanary)
I want to thank MPIthemes super fast and friendly customer support for their ongoing help. I had couple customization questions and they always answered fast and were able to help me each time. It's a great theme, really customizable and beautifully designed. Thank you.
(By : tomorrowfarm)
East to install and use. Has everything I need and more!
Download MediaCenter - Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme
23. MediaCenter - Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme
  • Top Selling Electronics WooCommerce Theme
  • For affiliates and drop shipping
  • Compatible with ECWID, WPML and + plugins
(By : nanotel)
Great customer suport, great theme...
(By : monster-it)
Fantastic design qaulity and fast for gtmetrix & google page speed tests. Really light loading and easy to edit pages.
(By : ikwinnooit)
I really love this theme. The layout is great, but the customer support is even better. All my questions were answered within 24 hours. I definitely recommend this theme! 5 stars :)
(By : yosefzakin)
I really strongly recommend the template The amazing service, the template is high quality with quick loading and perfect design
(By : algo90)
The best support in the world. Thank you IBRAHIM you are the best. Hope you will sell this amazing theme all around the world. Regards
(By : aristovertex)
Good Customer Support, Helpfull and Good Product