Download Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
1. Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  • Best practices of User Experience
  • Trendy Demo Pages Layouts
  • Fast & Friendly Support
(By : errsec)
Тема, из которой можно сделать все, что угодно. Делаю на ней без проблем от лендингов до интернет-магазинов. Функционал тем крут, что он минимален, на сколько это возможно, но при этом супер гибкий. Не нужно быть гением, чтобы овладеть этой темой. Уже несколько лет делаю на ней сайты и пока не видел лучшего сочетания стоимости, качества, гибкости и функционала. Очень крутая тема. Рекомендую.
(By : PrincessBarbie4now)
I have used this theme a couple of times and I still like its potential, variations and handling surface. It truly works very well and the result looks very professional
(By : SonjaWalchshofer)
I'm using Impreza since 2017. Today I received such a great support! Ivan from the UpSolution Support Team is my hero of the day / month / year! I never thought that after my short message yesterday I would receive such comprehensive care today. I really can recommend this company!!!!!!!
(By : argusdesignworks)
I love the ease and intuitiveness of this theme! I'm normally a big fan of Divi, but found the Impreza theme to be super flexible to use. I ran into a couple of minor hiccups, but the developer was quick to respond to my support questions and get me straightened out. I especially like how you can design different content templates and apply them to custom post types.
(By : 007sebinator)
Solid theme with lots of customization, only elementor support is lacking
(By : patricia_aravecchia)
Este é o meu tema preferido. Além de ter muitos recursos, a equipe de suporte é muito profissional.
Download Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme
(By : HermanNdilu)
Sahifa Theme is the only way i can design magazine websites !
(By : contactderrick)
great theme, easy to edit, no issues at all.
(By : OnlineJohnny)
(By : mchat)
Thank you for being so active and making sure your theme works! I had a bug issue and sent this information over and they fixed this in the next theme update without charge..without having to purchase 6 mos. of support to resolve this. That's great customer service!!!
Download Jarida - Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog
(By : nnyorker)
Best theme on the market! Quality Design and Features galore! Please continue to update!
(By : appdesigndev)
El mejor diseño como diseñador web Freelance que he diseñado para mis clientes. Muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo, saludos.
(By : nikmikyok)
Very flexible and customisable. review rating and ad management tools are excellent.
(By : skytrader)
thanks for this great template
(By : fadlya0929)
ahh, it makes me enjoy to customize my web
Download Realia - Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme
(By : ersineser)
Good design and feature availability making Realia is best theme in real estate category.
(By : neromare)
The support provided is actually pretty decent. I highly recommend the author.
(By : milamarjanac)
The only problem is to much work to add all listings, everything else is perfect!
Download BUCKET - A Digital Magazine Style WordPress Theme
(By : klajunas)
The Bucket theme is easy to use and maintain, excellent support.
(By : Luigi_Putrino)
Every thing is excellent. Layout is really smart and cool, with high level of customization. Team support of Pixelgrade is always disponible and helpful in order to get all problem solved. I like also the design of the item that is really cool.
(By : yvonneh1)
After buying this theme and having it relatively dormant for about 2 years I had a problem ... and the customer service team answered my questions and helped me resolve the issue. Can't fault them and the problem was with Cloudflare in the end and not to do with the theme at all. Thanks Pixelgrade. Keep up the good work!
(By : Poetas)
Great theme and even better support! Thanks!
(By : jb0063)
Excellent theme with quality support.
(By : quazar987)
Theme is great, I have been using it for a long time. But recently I was trying to install Advanced Custom Field plugin and boom..., theme broke down if you disable built int ACF plugin and install the same plugin manually. I am pretty sure this bug was not present when I bought because I did disabled built in ACF and it was working fine. Last week I tried to install ACF manually and theme started to break down. I think the bug was introduced in some updates. I reported the issue to pixelgrade but unfortunately my support is expired so they refused to fix it. Anyone buying this theme be careful and if anyone reading this has bought this plugin and has support left then please drop and email to pixelgrade to fix it.
Download CoWorker - Responsive Multipurpose Template
(By : amirash1993)
every thingis good design and flexibility also
(By : thefirstblossom)
Very goo theme, easy to custom and really efficient. I highly recommend it.
Download Ask Me - Responsive Questions & Answers WordPress
8. Ask Me - Responsive Questions & Answers WordPress
  • Questions And Answers With Points And Badges
  • Advanced Theme Options And User Profile Page
  • Responsive Bootstrap Layout with Ajax Search
(By : AnoopCNair)
I'm happy with the excellent support by Author and team
(By : atikovi)
The design quality is good but less customizable
(By : tthanhtri)
I really like this theme. This is the best theme for Q&A.
(By : mute8100)
After the last update, the articles in the comments section and the answers section started to appear in black, how can I fix them. Site:
(By : davidb714)
A very customizable Q & A theme, with lots of features and excellent support.
(By : Hoca_Ahmet)
We are very pleased, thank you for your interest and attention.
Download Metro Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme
(By : theforeigner)
Its amazing theme for a magazine website. It has wonderful features. I use my website for collecting leads and readers data. You can check my website I highly recommend this. Thanks
Download University - Education, Event and Course Theme
11. University - Education, Event and Course Theme
  • Best theme for University, College
  • Suitable for both online and offline courses
  • with Events and Courses features
(By : Francoism_za)
Great theme! How do we change the top right corner where the search is and remove the social media buttons? Really great work guys! Going to recommend
(By : victorcam)
This is a great and well-designed theme. Thanks for providing such a great tool.
(By : inkylipspress)
Love this theme, I use it for the Depart of Art where I teach in higher ed.
(By : fifuchi)
It has an excellent design, easy to install and is practical for what is needed.
(By : tantamount)
Great theme, flexibility and superb support. 5 stars!
(By : ringrave)
Great customer support, efficient design and features for event / classes.
Download Backstreet - Blog & Magazine Theme
12. Backstreet - Blog & Magazine Theme
  • Newest & Fresh Design and Features
  • Responsive & Retina Display Ready
  • Codes & User Interface Improvement
(By : bigbankclub)
This was my 1st theme purchase. Truly respect the efforts of the author over the years. Meets a website objectives and great design and support! 100% +5
(By : helteralan)
Plus: I really like the theme, pretty easy to use although i found quite buggy with plugins, none were very major and were fixable with a few able/disable plugin tests to find the culprit. Minus: The support is very slow and not so good (i don´t know whether to too few support people for multiple themes or language barriers) but do not expect a quick answer at all (quickest was 7 days) and it was a one line answer to multiple smaller issues which was a question and no help. 5 days and waiting to hear from my immediate reply. Overall: In saying that, i still like the theme but i will use developer friends with more experience than myself for any support, a friend fixed 4 of my 5 non-major issues in 15 minutes.
Download Rosemary - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
(By : ambriece)
Just amazing! Customer support is aces, responses always take less than 24 hours and are spot on. The rep I have dealt with is very knowledgable and willing to help. Design and functionality is perfect for what I need. Very clean and quick loading times. Thank you Solo Pine!
(By : frenetisk)
Beautiful theme, as always from Solo Pine!
(By : soulaspirellc)
The support is wonderful! I can't say enough about how helpful they have been. And so kind! As a newbie, it gets a tad embarrassing to have to keep asking for help but she has been so accommodating and helpful. I love the way my site looks and I would not have been able to do it on my own! Thank-you! Thank-you!
(By : chuotmay)
My girl friend really loves this theme.
(By : jganji)
So Clean and well laid out- intuitive as well
(By : lieblichesleben)
I really love this rosemary theme!
Download Aura - Responsive Multipurpose Template v1.8.7
(By : mhk5040)
super awesome, did a lot with this template.... had to do my own css work to get the email mailer to work. 10;/10 tho
(By : RogerDimant)
Very complete theme. Pixel perfect design. Lot of elements and layouts already designed.
(By : sirkong)
Great template. Very easy to work with. Has it all.
Download Flamingo - Agency & Freelance Portfolio Theme for WordPress
(By : krlnnn23)
VanKarWai has the most awesome theme's, and also great support. I have bought all of their theme's and I absolutely love them!!!!
(By : benbenasc)
Amazing theme. Beautiful and elegant - and EASY to work with!!! Plus, customer support is beyond anything I have ever experienced. These are people who care not just about the bottom line but also about enabling customers to put great design on the web. FIVE STARS.
(By : atovell)
Support is amazing - quick and so helpful!
(By : ideaGrafica)
Great support and great design!
(By : Playzare)
There is multiple main reasons for my rating, design quality and creativity and customer support are the main ! I had an issue with the theme and the support help me in minutes.. Very fast ! Thank you very much you totally deserve more than 5 stars for this perfect theme !
(By : sannedevries)
I chose this theme for its elegant and unique design. Works perfectly and found out that what's even better about it is the fast and great support provided!
Download Vanguard: Business & Portfolio WordPress Theme
(By : Bekace)
One of the best theme I have ever used
Download Gravity // Coming Soon - Under Construction
(By : DesktoThemes)
Well commented code, Well documented & Very Nice Design.
(By : cbianchifuzzi)
Nice template. Very good the support of developer.
(By : nascimentohugo)
Love the design. With time, the version i have tend to be less practical or as "easy".
(By : npyalex)
Very user friendly + professional-looking, even for those who are code novices.
(By : firatavci)
I've been part of the Envato Community for over 5 years and i can tell, best customer support in here was offered by Avanzare to me. I'm glad that i bought one of their product. Keep up the good work Avanzare!
(By : Apocalypse333)
Excellent template with amazing support. Slick and optimized code. Strongly recommended!
Download Invention - Responsive HTML5 Template
(By : parleyU)
Lots of features but difficult to customize if you needed to change the sizes of any pictures. The base layout is excellent and I use this theme as a base template for my websites now. If I want a more fancy look I transfer my content from this layout to another.
Download PILE - An Uncoventional WordPress Portfolio Theme
(By : tpassow)
very prompt customer support. Love the theme
(By : nouvellemesure)
Beautifull theme with super customer support, specially with Alin who has helped us lot of time ! 5 stars
(By : Pixelresearchlab)
This is a great template, with amazing features to customise content, it's easy to use, fast to work with and looks real good on all devices. But, best of all is the Pixel Grade Support Team. They have always been patient, kind and helpful throughout all our doubts and mishaps. We are 100% satisfied with their product and service.
(By : Rugg)
Extremely nice and smooth theme to work with, very universal and clean. Good for what I want! Keep up the good work team PILE, curious about your future themes & developments!
(By : cmsbox)
I choose Customer support as the main reason for 5 stars rating, but I will add few more things... - Documentation - Flexibility - Design&Code quality - Creativity - Great people from pixelgrade They are always there when you need them, trough all process/project. And at the end, we share the same emotions: Feel better when helping others to stand out. Thank you, keep rockin'
(By : EvaYerbabuena)
I used Pile theme for a dance company-s porfolio. The main reason to selected was a good experience in another project, an experimental magazine one, and was very happy with Pixelgrade theme on design (main reason at first), but, them, the way the theme was oriented to make the blog functionalities to help you on discovering ideas to better communicate, was crucial Then, technical support. So, I tried a, a different approach, desine and code to make shine visual content... that was PILE. I'm, approaching launch time and happy to have still, Pixelgrade people close on questions and even on how to... So far... beautiful! Main design highlight in a design that is becoming a second skin on the creative process... the ability to give shocking different looks to different portfolios while keeping strong the strong corporate seal.
Download Quickshop - Responsive Shopify Sections Theme
(By : ishikiskin)
Absolutely 5 star support from the guys at Roartheme! Always so friendly, polite, patient and ensure they help you solve any support issues without delay. Awesome product and customer service/support!
(By : domakis)
I'm very happy about the customer support. Just purchased this theme and support helping me to sort out my issues. Thanks.
(By : TheFabulousGuitarBabe)
I had trouble finding where to get support and questions answered, but since I found an email, I'm going to revise my review upward. It is a beautiful theme, looks very well documented, I'm about to start setting the theme up. If anything changes I will come back here to say, but so far everything looks very good.
(By : phlourish)
nice theme and great customer service
(By : katarinadevos)
Great theme, very complete !!
(By : rolurocorp)
If you need something easy and robust for customization this is a great template to use for your Shopify store. If you don't want to take pictures of every color for every product this is the template to buy. The support is 5 stars, very quick and great.