Download ROSA 1 - An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme
(By : lawiddowson)
Simple and easy to use, great support.
(By : Sineole)
Just LOVE that theme! So easy to use! Results are beyond what I've expected. Thank you to the team!
(By : FortzaTeam)
Clean code, design very close to perfection. Exceptional loading speed.
(By : Emmanuel1810)
Excellent support. Very easy to use theme. Great!
(By : ajmservices)
Customer support is very quick and efficient
(By : younesou)
nice template! I recommend it!
Download LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme
2. LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme
  • Simple on the surface powerful under the hood
  • Designed to adapt to your specific needs
  • Make money out of your site
(By : YinIndie)
This theme matched my needs the closest, and it looks great. For the parts that needed a bit of tweaking, Alex at Pixelgrade was super helpful, going over and above to give me advice and guidance despite having his hands full. Thanks guys!
(By : traveljunks)
Great looking theme and very easy to set up. Also Pixelgrade's support is very good en very quick. I', gonna buy a second one for a future project for sure.
They are always available to help and give good directions!
(By : bocho)
nice product, installed an running :)
(By : m_macchetta)
Flexible theme, they keep on working on it (it s becoming better and better each release)
(By : Aderok)
Simplicity and good design
Download BORDER - A Delightful Photography WordPress Theme
3. BORDER - A Delightful Photography WordPress Theme
  • Delightful Design with Unique Transitions
  • Unique Gallery Cover Text Animation
  • Mixing your Photos with Videos
(By : kokobaliev)
Excellent theme with great customer support! They were very kind and helped me solve some problems I have during the website costumization. Recommend
(By : rowiej)
I've set up over half a dozen websites between over the years for my photography and production agency. This has by far been the easiest and quickest to build while not sacrificing on usability. Everything works straight out of the box and the quick easy access pop up self help box makes any hurdle easy to jump over. see it in action here -
(By : winegraph)
Very nice template for photographers, and excellent support. Thanks.
(By : bodypainter)
Appealing theme and fast responses to my support questions
(By : Neldrew)
Developer very skilled and concerned with the client, easy communication and fast to meet our request. I recommend it to everyone.
(By : nilshenrikj)
Very light theme and no bugs founded. Just missing some customisability/variety in blog formats. Great theme overall!
Download BUCKET - A Digital Magazine Style WordPress Theme
(By : klajunas)
The Bucket theme is easy to use and maintain, excellent support.
(By : Luigi_Putrino)
Every thing is excellent. Layout is really smart and cool, with high level of customization. Team support of Pixelgrade is always disponible and helpful in order to get all problem solved. I like also the design of the item that is really cool.
(By : yvonneh1)
After buying this theme and having it relatively dormant for about 2 years I had a problem ... and the customer service team answered my questions and helped me resolve the issue. Can't fault them and the problem was with Cloudflare in the end and not to do with the theme at all. Thanks Pixelgrade. Keep up the good work!
(By : Poetas)
Great theme and even better support! Thanks!
(By : jb0063)
Excellent theme with quality support.
(By : quazar987)
Theme is great, I have been using it for a long time. But recently I was trying to install Advanced Custom Field plugin and boom..., theme broke down if you disable built int ACF plugin and install the same plugin manually. I am pretty sure this bug was not present when I bought because I did disabled built in ACF and it was working fine. Last week I tried to install ACF manually and theme started to break down. I think the bug was introduced in some updates. I reported the issue to pixelgrade but unfortunately my support is expired so they refused to fix it. Anyone buying this theme be careful and if anyone reading this has bought this plugin and has support left then please drop and email to pixelgrade to fix it.
Download HEAP - A Snappy Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
5. HEAP - A Snappy Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
  • Ease to Use and Customize
  • Design with a Twist for Happy Readers
  • Post Formats for Those Special Moments
(By : apthulla)
We had some issues about patchs. But customer team solved it. It's alive with style. Thanks a lot.
(By : tonycspc)
The support team behind this theme is filled with customer service ninjas. incredibly helpful and not in any way condescending. I'm new to WP and they have made it incredibly easy and I feel safe and secure knowing I can email these guys! well worth the price. Keep it up!!
(By : tbrauch)
Nice, little site. Not a ton of customization, but it's easy to use and great for a blog. Nice mosaic layout and functionality.
Download PILE - An Uncoventional WordPress Portfolio Theme
(By : tpassow)
very prompt customer support. Love the theme
(By : nouvellemesure)
Beautifull theme with super customer support, specially with Alin who has helped us lot of time ! 5 stars
(By : Pixelresearchlab)
This is a great template, with amazing features to customise content, it's easy to use, fast to work with and looks real good on all devices. But, best of all is the Pixel Grade Support Team. They have always been patient, kind and helpful throughout all our doubts and mishaps. We are 100% satisfied with their product and service.
(By : Rugg)
Extremely nice and smooth theme to work with, very universal and clean. Good for what I want! Keep up the good work team PILE, curious about your future themes & developments!
(By : cmsbox)
I choose Customer support as the main reason for 5 stars rating, but I will add few more things... - Documentation - Flexibility - Design&Code quality - Creativity - Great people from pixelgrade They are always there when you need them, trough all process/project. And at the end, we share the same emotions: Feel better when helping others to stand out. Thank you, keep rockin'
(By : EvaYerbabuena)
I used Pile theme for a dance company-s porfolio. The main reason to selected was a good experience in another project, an experimental magazine one, and was very happy with Pixelgrade theme on design (main reason at first), but, them, the way the theme was oriented to make the blog functionalities to help you on discovering ideas to better communicate, was crucial Then, technical support. So, I tried a, a different approach, desine and code to make shine visual content... that was PILE. I'm, approaching launch time and happy to have still, Pixelgrade people close on questions and even on how to... So far... beautiful! Main design highlight in a design that is becoming a second skin on the creative process... the ability to give shocking different looks to different portfolios while keeping strong the strong corporate seal.
Download MIES - An Avant-Garde Architecture WordPress Theme
(By : Michael-Art)
Great and beautiful theme. I used it for an architect. The support is fast and great too.
(By : arothmanmusic)
A sharp looking theme that did what I needed!
(By : larrytruitt)
Alexandru has been great!
(By : jasonbusa)
Really love the ease of use, the visual aesthetics, reliability, and the smoothness of scrolling with this theme. I've downloaded four times now, for different sites. Thanks!
(By : andreihardau)
This theme helped us focus on developing and launching the business, instead of spending too much time on developing the website. It looks great on all devices and is very customizable. Good customer support is also worth mentioning.
(By : laurenvanwyk)
Support was quick & effective. Also very easy to use theme. Enjoyed it immensely!
Download Osteria - An Engaging Restaurant WordPress Theme
(By : breezr)
After building a website with this theme, I now can see why pixelgrade charge a premium for their themes, and in one way I am actually happy about that as not as many people will have sites looking the same. But the reason they charge a premium is because they make QUALITY themes. Everyone uses that word her eon themeforest, and sometimes what looks good is just a nightmare of bloatware or stuff just not tested and working correctly for different browsers or devices. Sure it doesnt have all the bells and whistles of other big name themes to that level of customisability, but it does just about everything I needed it to, and it has UNIQUE stuff that most themes do not or not worry about fundamental stuff. Very happy, and support has been great too! Great team of designers and UX experts I would say.
(By : spikeangel)
Excellent support and best parallax theme they designed.
(By : Koichiro_Ikawa)
There was an issue relative to Google Map location marker in the website which I developed for my client. Since I was unable to resolve the issue just by myself, I contacted Pixelgrade fo get to know how to fix the issue. My contact at this time was Alin. Alin helped me so quickly that my client was very happy. I am glad that I picked a right theme. Support is always the most important factor for those who are running websites using premium themes.
(By : mariess)
Not only is this theme beautifully designed and easy to learn how to use but the customer support for it is absolutely excellent. This is the second theme i've bought from this seller and both are ones i would highly recommend.
(By : mangomediavi)
Using this theme for a new catering company for my friend and it looks amazing, easy to customize, and super quick to install with demo data. Had a post sales question that the author answered asap, highly recommend. worth the price!
(By : kljyeung)
awesome theme and helpful customer service. my restaurant /bar is due to open soon and im so excited for the website
Download NOAH - A Witty Photography WordPress Theme
9. NOAH - A Witty Photography WordPress Theme
  • Charming Design with Unique Transitions
  • Smart Galleries to Mix Landscape or Portrait
  • Customize Everything with No Coding Skills
(By : canchelm)
Noah is the best theme I ever bought on Themeforest! Amazing quality and so easy to use and customise... Thank you!
(By : atlesque)
This theme has the best support I have ever received on any online product, period. The creator's are a small, humble team of real people who sit up late to answer any support questions. They even propose to fix things for you and do so in an extremely reasonable timeframe. As a web developer myself I have bought and assessed many themes for my company but none come as close to being this user-friendly and well-coded. You get what you pay for, and given the incredible eye for detail and committed support, I'd say I'm getting way more than I'd bargained for. I'll be recommending Pixelgrade to my future clients as well! Thanks for the wonderful experience guys!
(By : andreapedron)
I was searching for a great template to replace my HTML/PHP website two months ago. I found and tried differents solutions, but Noah revealed to be the definite one. It's totally another world, it doesn't feel like a "theme" but it looks like a Web Agency in your hands. The admin area is so clean, no extra plugins or visual composer, everything is quick, well organized, fast and efficent. The personalization is awesome and you can achieve what you want in minutes. The gallery itself and the portfolio are so minimal but so graphically good that it ensures your work pop out greatly. It will save me a lot of time in future. The support guys are also amazing, so kind and they are actively involved to help you and check everything went good. Great product!
(By : JHBPhotography)
I love it. Very easy for my clients to use and understand. And it load quickly even when I have slow data on my phone.
(By : 2412noel)
Noah is wonderful. It fits perfectly to me and my portfolio. I am a graphic designer and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to present himself and his work in a clean but very special look. A very big praise also to the support: Thanks for the great kindness and the untamed enthusiasm, Mr R.!
(By : wwags)
I waited to write my review as I wanted it to be as honest as possible. I bought the theme a few weeks ago and have been working on it for our new creative agency. Firstly, the team at pixelgrade have been so helpful. Their response time is ridiculously fast. I have bought many themes over the years and sometimes waited days for a response for something very small. I was guided from the get go of installing the theme, I had a few problems (my own fault) and Oana from the team went through all the difficulties I had so that I could get started. The theme is EASY to use. A lot easier than anticipated. I know the price tag for the theme can throw some people off but to be honest with a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like it, you really do not have anything to loose. I genuinely do recommend this theme, worth every penny! It is classy and elegant and really does change the game! I can't thank Oana enough who, till now has been helping and guiding me through anything I need. Our site will be launching soon so anyone who would like to see what it looks like other than the one on the preview can visit 10/10 for the theme and support! Well done!
Download TIMBER – An Unusual Photography WordPress Theme
10. TIMBER – An Unusual Photography WordPress Theme
  • Smart Galleries for Mixed Content Type
  • Different Views for a Full Experience
  • Ease to Use and To Make It Yours
(By : anandaroubian)
Amazing theme and simply great costumer support! Very quick and equally helpful! I totally recommend this theme specially for those who want good quality pictures, with an incredible charging speed, in their portfolio! 10/10. Thank you Pixelgrade team!!
(By : Paoracolo83)
It works very well on mac, tablet an iPhone. Very great job.
(By : sbatson)
I love this theme, amazing, clean and makes my picture stand out. Very unique, the customer support is also excellent.
(By : JonathanTaphouse)
I really love the way this theme shows off my photography, I've been using WordPress for a long time now and with many different themes. Timber keeps things simple and looking great. The customer support has been very helpful too in final CSS tweaking, to help the theme work specifically with my content - what more could you want! Thanks Guys :)
(By : florianbeule)
Very good performance, awesome features with a high design quality! Stay awesome ;)
(By : BorisSchipper)
a great theme, easy to install and use. Very happy with the support I've been getting when I want to make minor changes.
Download Robusta - Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Theme
11. Robusta - Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Theme
  • 05 Unique Homepage uses WPBakery Page Builder
  • Restaurant, Cafe Bar & Pub WordPress Theme
  • Restaurant Menu & Reservations Management
(By : AbcWorkAgency)
Works very well, highly recommended
Download Felt - A Digital Magazine Style WordPress Theme
12. Felt - A Digital Magazine Style WordPress Theme
  • Flexible Home Page Design
  • Everything you need to create an online store
  • Ease to Use and Customize
Download Patch - Unconventional Newspaper-Like Blog Theme
(By : gilgildner)
Designed excellently, lightweight, and very unique look and feel. Well implemented.
(By : criswellscc)
I think this is one of the better looking themes out there and the support was great even before I became a customer.
Download Fargo – A Charming Photography WordPress Theme
15. Fargo – A Charming Photography WordPress Theme
  • Smart Galleries for Mixed Content Type
  • Different Views for a Full Experience
  • Ease to Use and To Make It Yours
Download Jason - A Colorful Blogging Theme
17. Jason - A Colorful Blogging Theme
  • Custom Archive Page
  • Custom Logo Creator
  • Easy to Use and Customize
Download Zukares – Restaurant & Cafe Food  Elementor Template Kit
20. Zukares – Restaurant & Cafe Food Elementor Template Kit
  • Stunning design for restaurant template kit
  • Restaurant Reservation Online - Food Delivery
  • Drag and Drop page builder, Elementor Free