Download Pivot | Multi-Purpose HTML with Page Builder
(By : mikersson)
Nice job. I just found it in my account after a long time, I have downloaded it again.
(By : selcukb)
hello sir i did buy this template but i can download this template when say this is demo can i do? best regards
(By : PAServices)
Another amazing theme, well done guys and I will be buying this again for another site.
(By : HKMagen)
An excellent product with excellent support, a true gem, very happy with this purchase.
(By : danielsami)
Good job! Unfortunately, I can only select one option as the main reason for my rating, but I would say that Documentation, Code and Design Quality are also reasons to give Pivot and medium_rare its well deserved 5 star rating. Keep up the good work and thank you for a job well done!
(By : yidofx)
Very good, it's better if can update again
Download TheSaaS - Responsive Bootstrap SaaS, Startup & WebApp Template
2. TheSaaS - Responsive Bootstrap SaaS, Startup & WebApp Template
  • Built for Startups, Developers, Entrepreneurs
  • Hundreds of blocks and elements
  • Real landing page demos
(By : abteilung)
TheSaaS provides us with a very good workflow for customization. It comes with lots of useful components. In my oppinion it's one of the most beautiful Themes around. Best of all it't not loaded with effects that don't add any value to visitors.
(By : Soren83)
This is just a great all-round framework that I keep going back to as a starting point for new projects. Well done!
(By : usama8600)
Really professional and clean code.
(By : acobot)
We choose TheSaaS because we work with SaaS and it doesn't work well! It's very easy to customize. You may check out our website to see how we use variable sections and elements.
(By : KratosKrane)
Fast support! Great template.
(By : jayinting)
Excellent modular structure and documentation. The author is also very responsive, great job!
Download Pillar - Multipurpose Multi-Concept Responsive WordPress Theme
3. Pillar - Multipurpose Multi-Concept Responsive WordPress Theme
  • 26 Ready to Go Homepages, Ready to Deploy
  • Simple One-Click Setup, Be Ready in Minuites
  • 140+ Content Blocks ideal for Startups + More
(By : coreycreiger)
Awesome theme and great support. Had some trouble installing but support was on it and had everything fixed perfectly. Thank you...
(By : Redandbluehomeservices)
Customer support is remarkable, best customer support I ever received for a purchase on themeforest. Fast and detailed responses. Thanks for the awesome theme, keep the good work!!
(By : gransardcie)
Thème élégant. Chargement rapide. Facile à utiliser. Et un support très réactif. Merci à Danny (TommusRhodus Support)
(By : lukasczepok)
Very great. Stunning design, great support. Flexible customizations possible.
(By : Lichting98)
Very nice, take a look at the website we made for:
(By : chrishenjum)
As expected -- exactly what I was looking for. Plus, TommusRhodus has proven again and again to not only be an outstanding Wordpress coder, but also super responsive for some tough support requests. I've purchased nearly a dozen themes from them, and I'll continue to do so -- going with anyone else would be a mistake :)
Download Machine Multi-Purpose HTML + Variant Page Builder
(By : technikolor)
James has an amazing response time and has been very helpful through all my issues
(By : peresypina)
Очень красивый шаблон
Download Launchkit Landing Page & Marketing WordPress Theme
(By : anngrace)
very nice theme. good documentation. excellent support. if you like it, get it!
(By : theyeariquitswearing)
I wanted to drop a quick note about the quality of support that Danny and Tommus provide for this theme. I've been converting a site done in the bootstrap version of Launchkit over to wordpress. It's been a challenge to keep some of the bootstrap components. I've opened several support cases and I've got timely responses that were very helpful in at least getting me to the heart of the problem, and usually to the solution. I've also gotten timely responses to my replies to those cases. That's excellent.
(By : DamienJDP)
It's beauty and responsiveness is only matched by the sheer number of capabilities provided. Want a theme that does it all, and then more? Launchkit's the one you want.
(By : Kaci_galan)
It is a pleasure to work with this template ! So fast to load, clean and flexible. And the support is super fast, helpful and nice.
(By : sfgdigital)
This landing page template is awesome. I love how lean it is.
(By : sgtskaggs)
I've used a lot of WP themes. And this is by far the best I've ever worked with. It is extremely flexible, extremely lightweight (even with Visual Composer), and just fun to work with. I honestly have nothing negative to say about it at all.
Download Legendary - One Page Parallax HTML Template
(By : Apocalypse333)
Excellent features and amazing support. One of the best templates out there.
(By : dgarcialopez)
Great template. Really good design, optimization and very easy to use with the detailed code. The support is magnificent. I contact them with an issue and in a few hours they gave me the solution. Highly recommended!
(By : danrawkt)
Its a easy to use template. really good design and full of nice addons! 5/5!
(By : SpaceCrapaud)
Baeutiful, easy to customize, very stable, and the support is awesome !
(By : hyunkeey)
really good design. easy to make custom page.
(By : gmiljevic052)
Had a few problems which Avanzare solved fastly. The responses were accurate so anyone could understand how to do it. I'm not a pro but managede to apply all the fixes they gave me
Download Novu - Modern & Creative HTML Template
(By : levinepaula60214)
This is an excellent template and excellent customer service!
(By : kalebquintero)
Very nice, and great support. Amazing choice. One of the best.
(By : JasonNguyen)
awesome work, nice project!
(By : kassouali)
This guy is the best many thanks to you brother :)
(By : lramirezmedel)
incredible, tremendo trabajo, gracias
Download Pillar Multipurpose HTML + Variant Page Builder
(By : miahdibes)
Excellent customer support!
(By : soniaaa)
Awesome easy to customize. Elegant and well coded template.
(By : alvartabe)
Very nice a flexible theme, good job!
(By : khromovweb)
Includes compilable files (LESS or SASS), great code quality, intuitive builder
(By : themewagon)
Off course this is the best HTML template on themeforest. The support is awesome and very helpful.
(By : ecnrip79)
Can't say enough about the great support that I've received from this author. Not just pushing me away, but giving practical examples to help resolve issues and/or customize this amazing template. Thanks again
Download FlexiBlocks - React Gatsby Landing Page Templates
10. FlexiBlocks - React Gatsby Landing Page Templates
  • Gatsby React SSR Enabled Landing Pages
  • 30+ Flexible React Blocks Populate with JSON
  • Pre-designed + Build More with Modular Blocks
(By : lazzaro21)
Awesome Product by ElegantStack, I've been already using Flexiblog for a couple of months now and I loved it, this is another great addition to ElegantStack's Portfolio. Keep it up!
(By : sparker888)
Having worked with a number of React Gatsby templates, I've found ElegantStack's FlexiBlocks landing page templates to be excellent. I was able to work through the documentation easily, received prompt support on a few minor issues, and found the system a joy to work with. Their use of Theme UI combined with Gatsby's component shadowing enables a great range of flexibility in customization. The quality of the coding is worthy of 5-stars! I highly recommend this product!
(By : sanderdatema)
I'm still trying out the bits and pieces this template has to offer. Mind you, doing anything with Gatsby (this is a template for Gatsby) is not a simple thing. But it's very rewarding in the end. And that's where the 5 stars come from: the road to a perfect Gatsby site is quite long, but yeah, the developer helping you along the way really helps. The same goes for their other product, FlexiBlogs, top notch customer support and very professional documentation. And the templates are actively developed. No critique at all? Yeah, one little one. The developer should get their hands on a Mac to be able to test *every* browser. ;) (don't worry, their actively making these templates work with Safari as I'm writing this).
(By : remirol)
Giving you your extra star rating because you obviously care about your product and your clients. The support you provided to me was exceptional. I'm still struggling with gatsby in general but this isn't the fault of the theme.
(By : kers7754)
I have been using flexiblog (another product from this author) for a long time that I love. I decided to try our FlexiBlocks and was blown away by the incredible ease of use and amazing design of the built in blocks. I highly recommend you give this a try!
(By : remirol)
Customer support is second to none. Very helpful troubleshooting FlexiBlocks and FlexiBlog configurations. Leaving a star off so they can concentrate on their documentation. It's good but there are places where it's impossible to figure out what they are trying to get across. Perhaps if I had more Gatsby experience I would have been able to figure things out.
Download Nantria - Multi-purpose HTML5 Template
(By : hellotaco0414)
Nice theme, I love it!
(By : misterbelly)
Very good work, thanks! Plus perfect support!
Download Atheus - Modern Creative Agency WordPress Theme
(By : ktyler4)
Customer Support is amazing. Replied within a short time and helped me with my issues the same day. Excellent support.
(By : justineleveld)
Great customer support, problem fixed within a couple of hours!
(By : jmpdsevilla)
Good theme and good attention
(By : rhouse009)
Beautiful design and good support from author!
(By : Saadi1191)
I own digital agency and was looking for a modern theme for my company, then one day I found Atheus and I just loved it. Modern, Cool and Contemporary. :)
Download Pompey - Parallax One Page HTML Template
(By : houarim)
Great HTML code, awesome design, excellent support... This is one of the best teams I've found on Themeforest. Thanks guys!
Download Dot - App, Software and SaaS Product HTML Template
(By : theendeavorist)
Great theme! Lots of prefab to just copy paste. Custom styling wise I'm not an expert and find it challenging. But there is support! Jeej! :)
Download Cashemir -  Responsive One Page Template
(By : MediaEnvironment)
Very well made. Beautiful and dynamic. The support is very good too. Thank you!
(By : francdesouza)
The theme is great, I just had a problem with some pages not working well in php, but I think it was my mistake. No more the theme is perfect.
Download PixieHuge | eSports Gaming Theme For Clans & Organizations
23. PixieHuge | eSports Gaming Theme For Clans & Organizations
  • Create your own eSports team/organization
  • Up to five premium gaming skins included
  • Quick setup, easy to use, fully responsive
(By : TecknoFreak)
Amazing Theme. One of my favorites of all times
(By : Scotty2K)
Just amazing, would recommend 100 times over.
Thank you . Great work
(By : wlewon)
Whole theme is awsome, very good to customise and well felxibility. Best in this price
(By : chiefjimjim)
Awesome Template to put to work for my 5 Teams!
(By : 0ngoing)
The customer support of these guys are amazing. I asked for a custom request that was not required to be finished and they did it for me without questioning me, so for that, they deserve 5 stars.