Download Porto | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme
1. Porto | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme
  • #1 super optimized for site performance
  • highly mobile optimized
  • multi purpose & 20 niche woocommerce demo
(By : edairnunes)
I would like to express my eternal gratitude, which I received every time I needed support. Mr. Aizaz Awan was very attentive, very patient, and very simple and quick. I am a lover of Porto template and recommend it with a mark of 100.
(By : SadisticTaste)
Great theme, and the support is second to none! I needed help twice, and both times the response was super quick, and resolved my issues. Highly recommended!
(By : spy-shop-sa)
Be patient, the support team will get back to you within a few hours. Great support from there onwards, thank you.
(By : aizazawan)
The theme is amazing. A perfect piece for wordpress developer who wants to deploy projects in short time of customization. One of the best Ecom and business Wp theme I have ever used. Thanks p-themes for serving such an amazing product. Would love to buy more products like this. Great customer support, helped me really quickly and straight to the point. They also have a customization team and they are the greatest since sliced bread, they helped me with a couple of small things and the price was perfect.
(By : panglosslabs)
I've been using this theme since 2016. It's been rock solid, and the updates have kept coming keeping it compatible with the latest Wordpress versions. I use it with WP-Rocket Cache, as I needed caching for logged in users, and it's plenty fast enough, on a shared hosting. Kudos to P-Themes for their quality work. Thanks!
(By : DCAM2021)
Innovative, beautiful, and lightning-fast!
Download Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme
2. Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme
  • The #1 Best Selling WooCommerce Theme
  • A super fast and mobile optimized theme
  • 5000+ 5-star ratings from happy customers
(By : kalaharikomerc)
The best word press theme. We have bought four licences up to now.
(By : tarikulislamdhali)
Great customer support, I got their friendly support even in big problems, especially thanks to Ahmed Ehsaan.
(By : zyannapspl)
Best theme for wordpress
(By : Drawlyzer)
For me,.... best theme around!
The customer support is quick. Thank you for the awesome theme and it is faster than other theme.....
(By : cascadedesign)
Really fast customer support. Always willing to do that little bit extra
Download The7 — Website and eCommerce Builder for WordPress
3. The7 — Website and eCommerce Builder for WordPress
  • The Most Customizable Theme on the Market
  • 6 Premium Plugins + Tons of Premium Content
  • $39! Complete Toolkit at Incredible Price!
(By : dimath99)
A great and stable template! I am using this theme for the past 6 years and I have never faced any compatibility issues with the Woocommerce or WordPress updates.
(By : OmniOne)
Just wanted to leave a review and rating. I've had this Theme for about a year now and can give an honest review. The quality (Coding) is excellent! The features are plentiful! The design is beautiful! This Theme has worked with EVERY plugin I've ever used flawlessly! I've never had an issue with this Theme, ever! It has performed beyond my expectations! Developer, please continue supporting and updating this wonderful theme! 5 - Stars Thank you!
(By : DanieKlomac)
Amazing product, would recommend it to anyone looking for a professional design
(By : argusnet)
Customer support is great. Quick response time!
(By : akhilbinjoni)
Hey it's a best theme for amazon affiliate marketing. please solved my problem. wp-bakery is not active in my wordpress.
(By : funktheory)
Fantastic support, professional and helpful
Download Ultimo - Fluid Responsive Magento Theme
More Info
(By : health360it)
Great Design, simple to customized and very well documentated
Download uDesign - Responsive WordPress Theme
5. uDesign - Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Stable, Fast & SEO Smart with Great Support
  • Easy 1-click updates and demos import
  • Elementor, WPBakery and Gutenberg ready
(By : giannicolasicola)
(By : suedesign38)
Top-notch customer support. Documentation is excellent as well.
(By : drtricia)
I've had this theme for years and have installed it onto several websites. I was impressed with the customization because I'm one of those people who can be a little high maintenance with appearance. Their customer support has always been incredible, but what blew me away is that there is a little installation wizard helping me with my most recent upload to a new website. This is yet another example of their ongoing upgrades--the theme just keeps getting better.
(By : immeemz)
8 years now and still going strong. Unlike several other themes on here that I've used where the theme and/or the developer just disappeared one day, causing major hassles. AndonDesign and uDesign are the real deal. What's not to love?
(By : w33py)
Great template and customer support over few years, thanks
(By : Valjan)
Очень красивый и универсальный шаблон. Прямо влюбился в него. Сделал отличный сайт и даже не пришлось обращаться к службу поддержки, хотя я далеко не профессиональный программист.
Download Sellegance - Responsive and Clean OpenCart Theme
6. Sellegance - Responsive and Clean OpenCart Theme
  • Responsive and clean design
  • Fully customizable OpenCart theme
  • Easy and intuitive for your customers
(By : nasirqureshiofficial)
a Perfect example for others to learn how a theme should be designed.
(By : Skull_515)
I want to highlight this template from many others! The ability to scroll through product cards is a rare opportunity. Powerful slider module. Flexible settings. Very beautiful design and functionality! Separately, I want to mention technical support. The author helped to correct errors that occurred when using the template in the Russian version of OсStore, not OpenCart! The ideal ratio of price and quality! If you need a modern store template - Sellegance is your choice! Highly recommend! I am very pleased with the template!
(By : feiheck)
Excellent support and good universal theme.
(By : ImCharlotte)
Brilliant design, perfect design for selling anything online.
(By : alinmanea90)
Clean design. Excellent support.
(By : sitelabs_au)
Luis is great at responding and is super helpful.
Download Fortis - Responsive Magento Theme
(By : Belousova)
Great theme and super quick, kind and helpful support! Thank you very much!
Download Atelier - Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme
(By : ritchrock)
Great theme. No complaints!
(By : JakeMcCullough)
Excellent theme. It's so versatile that I almost bought a second license to do two commercial sites with it.
(By : Sembuster)
One of the best theme ever! It's easy to work with and there are beautiful templates inside.
(By : LorryG)
After newest update, everything is working like a charm. Thank you guys for trying for us.
(By : atelierrestrepo)
this theme is one of the best .so many possibilities it s hard to ressist after. Bravo
(By : yanpaingoo)
I do love this theme and the customizability is limitless for front-end.
Download Aware - Responsive Wordpress Portfolio Theme
More Info
(By : marcuskay123)
It's an amazing design which I am still really happy with
(By : sherissar)
Simple theme with great design.
Download HEAP - A Snappy Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
11. HEAP - A Snappy Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
  • Ease to Use and Customize
  • Design with a Twist for Happy Readers
  • Post Formats for Those Special Moments
(By : apthulla)
We had some issues about patchs. But customer team solved it. It's alive with style. Thanks a lot.
(By : tonycspc)
The support team behind this theme is filled with customer service ninjas. incredibly helpful and not in any way condescending. I'm new to WP and they have made it incredibly easy and I feel safe and secure knowing I can email these guys! well worth the price. Keep it up!!
(By : tbrauch)
Nice, little site. Not a ton of customization, but it's easy to use and great for a blog. Nice mosaic layout and functionality.
Download Flavor - Responsive/HD Magazine/Review AJAX Theme
(By : PonzioPilato)
still updated and fast support answers. good theme.
Download Green Earth - Environmental WordPress Theme
(By : starclown)
Great theme, I bought it some years ago and I still can update with no problems. Thank you for such a clean work!
(By : lukecal)
Flexible responsive theme. Lots of possibilities. Nice lay-out and shortcodes. Very good support.
(By : goldtouchinc)
Excellent customer support. Took care of some issues with an update quickly and with expertise.
Download Puca - Optimized Mobile WooCommerce Theme
14. Puca - Optimized Mobile WooCommerce Theme
  • Dokan WC Marketplace WCFM and WC Vendors
  • Compatible with Elementor, WP Bakery
  • Optimized Mobile WooCommerce Theme
(By : nikos1199)
The theme is excellent and we liked also the theme's options and capabilities. We liked also the quality of the demos that were built by the team. What made the difference though was the fact that they very quickly addressed a Compatibility issue, within very few hours, after we created a ticket in their Support. Thank you and keep up the good, quality work!
(By : saadullah681)
Best Customer Support. after my review they contact me and solve me issue asap. Themes have some issues but their theme is supportive they support they solve your problems
(By : javier025025)
Me gusto mucho, lo utilice en mi sitio web de fajas y se ve muy bien en el celular, tablets y pc, ademas se puede personalizar bastante, excelente
(By : fenuzashofwah)
Excellent in support.... I recommend everyone to buy this great theme
(By : jonblindell)
Brilliant theme and outstanding support, probably the best of any themeforest vendor I have used.
(By : gemahsolutions)
If I could give ThemBay 6 stars, I would! Apart from a beautiful design on web and mobile, the support team is amazing and quick in their responses. They are transparent in their response times and announce their holidays so you can factor that in when you are seeking support. The theme settings are easy to understand and update. And customizing the theme is a breeze. What really stands out for me is the beautiful display on mobile. With very little customization I was able to build my website the way I envisioned. Well done ThemBay!
Download Backstreet - Blog & Magazine Theme
15. Backstreet - Blog & Magazine Theme
  • Newest & Fresh Design and Features
  • Responsive & Retina Display Ready
  • Codes & User Interface Improvement
(By : bigbankclub)
This was my 1st theme purchase. Truly respect the efforts of the author over the years. Meets a website objectives and great design and support! 100% +5
(By : helteralan)
Plus: I really like the theme, pretty easy to use although i found quite buggy with plugins, none were very major and were fixable with a few able/disable plugin tests to find the culprit. Minus: The support is very slow and not so good (i don´t know whether to too few support people for multiple themes or language barriers) but do not expect a quick answer at all (quickest was 7 days) and it was a one line answer to multiple smaller issues which was a question and no help. 5 days and waiting to hear from my immediate reply. Overall: In saying that, i still like the theme but i will use developer friends with more experience than myself for any support, a friend fixed 4 of my 5 non-major issues in 15 minutes.
Download Sellya - Multi-Purpose Responsive OpenCart Theme
(By : hacjsu)
I was browsing looking for themes to download and I loved this theme I ended up buying and only after I saw that it doesn't run on my version of opencart = (
Download FlatHost Responsive Hosting Template with WHMCS
17. FlatHost Responsive Hosting Template with WHMCS
  • Responsive Hosting Template with WHMCS
  • Designed with latest Bootstrap version
  • One Page and Multipage Option
(By : nlaruelle)
I was glad to get a fast answer to my last question in the product comments zone. 5 stars. You deserve. Long life to FlatHost for WHMCS ! Great theme.
(By : robertnbg)
i dont like html but for reseller hosting webseite using wordpress i read many forums its a bad solution first because security reasons then you need any week update wordpress or wp-plugins then you need bridgeplugin between whmcs and wordpress so i decide using html template for install i need 60 seconds change text very simple with any editor
(By : linveo)
Great theme and easy to work with to make customizations.
(By : Wally30)
Awesome design and great customer support
(By : georlandiooliveira)
Very good, I liked it
(By : IamDefiler)
Very impressed with the support for this theme. WHMCS got upgraded and caused ReCaptcha to not work exactly as intended. A couple of emails back and forth explaining the issue and I was provided with an updated theme to fix the issue. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Thank you for standing behind your word and your work!
Download Eatery - Responsive Restaurant WordPress Theme
(By : Reinfinity)
Some of the best customer support EVER! They go above and beyond to help even those who don't have a very good grasp of coding, (like me!) and they are VERY responsive... no 3 day waits!
(By : Ederion)
It's very good for a particular restaurant like a vegan bistrot.
(By : grafixpool)
Great support and unique help in solving a problem. The theme is beautiful, easy to use and we have been very happy with it for a long time.
(By : steegm)
I left a 3star rating very recently and I have to correct this! The guys from Themovation didn't see the mail that I sent before, but when they saw the post here, they contacted me and helped immediately! The problem was completely my own fault! My site broke because I was not on the newest version of Eatery. As soon as I upgraded to Version 2.3 all worked again! So: TOP support and the "bug" was my failing of upgrading the theme.
(By : LeslieC)
Excellent Theme, and Customer support is first rate pre-sales questions answered Quickly and after sales, service can't be faulted. On top of that a great range of themes with heaps of potential.
(By : Moony4ever)
Very Easy, I love it and I recommended it to many people... They love it too.
Download Armada — Multifunction Photography WordPress Theme
(By : i9certo)
Tema rápido, seguro e nao da erros nunca
(By : nicco84)
One of the best theme. Fully customizable, great code and great support.
(By : raykela)
I'm sorry to say that, but I don't see "The 7" as an update/upgrade with its different functionality and options as far as I can look into it. I'll keep using Armada as long as I can and it gets updated, and then move to another theme.
(By : hazemedia)
Fantastic speedy support. Just great.
(By : domestictree)
Lovely theme! Awesome job
(By : Surkov-D)
Awesome and fast customer support! Thank you very much!
Download Applay - WordPress App Showcase & App Store Theme
20. Applay - WordPress App Showcase & App Store Theme
  • Unlimited Layout with Page Builder
  • Exclusive Interactive Devices Mockup Showcase
  • Resposive, Powerful & Fast Speed
(By : michaelginz)
Theme with a lot of flexibility, features and clear design. We build our 70 pages site during 10 days! Thanks
(By : rkhalili)
Not just customizability ... but more critically, their support is very hands-on. Just superb !!! Many years, many thanks !!
(By : Turkona)
Sorry bro. The reason I give you 1 star is because you are sending you an e-mail, you send it from there, you do not answer this time, I got angry and gave 1 star, but then I thought it would be unfair, I decided to increase 5 stars again.
(By : dewhura)
Really like this theme, the templates are great and the showcase plugin is a brilliant feature to have with its simple drag and drop function. However, some of the pages shown in the live demo are missing after installation, and I have found the lack of customizability to be a little disappointing. For example, without adding new code into the CSS there is no simple way to quickly change the colour and fonts of individual headers and for built in features like the icon boxes and showcase screen items. Headers too only have two size options: Big or Small. In the Theme Options there is only the option to change the overall Main colour and footer colour for all pages. There also doesn't seem to be any simple way to ammend the border, text and hover colour of individual buttons, and Hover colours for showcase features use the Main colour set in the Theme Options.
(By : jvallon44)
The theme is beautiful. Moreover everytime you have a question the team is there for you and they answer before 24 hours. The loading time is a bit long, but it is worth it. I recommend it.
(By : sovy-trust)
Launching new excellent template to show investor demo
Download ProductMail - Responsive E-mail Template
21. ProductMail - Responsive E-mail Template
  • Create newsletter with email template builder
  • Compatible with MailChimp and many other ESPs
  • Display background image in Outlook
(By : jpernas)
I have been using this template for promotional communications by email for some time. I could not be happier with her. Very customizable and flexible.
(By : Marcskie)
Very nice template and good customer support! Thanks Akedodee
(By : dverburg)
Easy to edit. Does what I expected it to do.
(By : antwonjones02)
Clean Template! Great! Thank you.
(By : gmasters11)
Great Support! Got back to me right away and helped with the issue I was having
(By : jfarebro)
Excellent quality template and template builder. The only way it could be improved is with a couple of additional modules, but that's just personal preference. Easy to use, and output is awesome. Great job.
Download Bucket Admin Bootstrap 3 Responsive Flat Dashboard
(By : VaidyanathanRamalingam)
we are happy to see the updated files are available still in the portal.
(By : sripolice)
Comfortable for customization.