Download Multimail | Responsive Email Set + MailBuild Online
(By : digitalmaven21)
Awesome features! I'll be using these for a long time. Totally recommend buying this!
(By : trondandre)
Wery nice plugin and it do what is should do!
(By : jvach)
Perfecto, fácil de usar. Ejemplos simples de instalación para cualquier persona. De manejo extremadamente simple y práctico.
(By : terryatsm)
One of the BEST email templates I have come across! 11 full 800 pixel wide layouts available and includes a 600 pixel layout as well. Documentation could be better but defiantly a MUST HAVE if you build a lot of newsletters!
(By : seymourG)
Many layouts to choose from, easy to edit.
(By : paulcoulter)
Great looking and easy to use templates. The developer helped us out with some customization. Very good service!
Download Blaumail - Marketing Email Sets + Notification Pack
(By : bundes-verlag)
I have tried different themes for emails and among those that are high rated and bestsellers, this one here has by far the best overall quality in all devices!
(By : FutureEradynamics)
Great design and easy to edit Well documented
(By : ahmetsali)
Great template, however there are some issues with Mailster version like; - notification template content not visible - some buttons end up with dark text color on dark bg I managed to solve them by diving into the codes. Still the design is great and so many modules :O Thank you!
(By : Andriyas)
Beautifully designed and easy-to-use template!
(By : bluestrategies)
Great product. Highly recommended.
Download Koble | Business Email Set
3. Koble | Business Email Set
  • ✅ More than 200 unique modules 26 templates
  • ✅ Online builder no purchase code require
  • ✅ 33 Email services compatibility
(By : juancq)
Amazing quality and great support. Thanks!
(By : venturechurchca)
This is THE newsletter template to get! Super clean design, very customizable with the modules and code, and they keep adding new designs to freshen the theme. I owned their other template, Matah, and have now upgraded to Koble. Both are fantastic templates. I also had a question, and received a response within an hour from the developer.
(By : uprated)
Excellent, flexible template, plus fantastic support!
(By : RegulaEberle)
I really liked the pure and simple layout. After I bought the template and adjusted the colours to the company corporate identity, there were problems with the implementation in the Campaing Monitor programme. The customer support has helped me several times quickly, uncomplicatedly and very need-oriented. Thank you very much for this. My expectations were exceeded by far. I can highly recommend this template. Translated with (free version)
(By : DeysonO)
I have owned this template for 4 days and so far I am very impressed with the quality of templates, options, and amazing fast customer support. Thank you and have an amazing day!
(By : mywebalive)
This is a fantastic and modern email template and we are very happy to use it. The support team is very responsive and fast! Thank you so much for this great product!
Download SimpleApp - Email Notification Sets
(By : clveranis)
I have been using this set for 2+ years now and its great! Very clean and modern emails for simple apps. Would definitely recommend and would purchase more from this author.
(By : theodisbutler)
Great looking email templates!
(By : kaaaaamil)
Very good solution. I was looking for that. Thanks for your product!
(By : tkawama2)
I'm going to implement Laravel PHP Freamwork based system. There are many kind of parts, so I could combine each parts and I could make the desired template. I use main emali template this. and if nothing layout, I use koble email template.
(By : AndyOl)
It had the exact style I needed, happy I found this HTML template!
(By : nag95)
Bien développé et très design !
Download Hogar | Responsive Email Set
5. Hogar | Responsive Email Set
  • ✅ 50+ modules, 17 premade template
  • ✅ Online builder no purchase code require.
  • ✅ 5 Stars Customer support 33 ESP.
(By : oasistees)
Customer Support is unbelievably fast and responsive; the team wants you to succeed using their products and they keep answering all your questions until you are "completely" satisfied. Very very impressively prompt support. Highly recommended!
(By : lhughes2474)
Great customer service and great design, with these templates my business looks very modern and provides a great user experience.
(By : Ashkan0920)
The Theme is great and very friendly to use. Also, the Support is very fast and accessible which is just great.
(By : felix83)
Excellent template and swift customer support!
(By : paigesandhu)
Incredibly easy HTML and code to understand, even for beginner programmers. I ran into a couple problems importing the Mailchimp template, and the creator was incredibly helpful in fixing the issues, as well as general advice on what works and doesn't work with Mailchimp. Overall, really impressed not only with the product but the creator too :)
(By : Grumpy-Clem)
Very good email template to have better looking emailings !
Download Vespro | Responsive Multipurpose Notification + Transnational Email Template With Builder
(By : Planownia)
great evertythink no 1.
(By : Rademacher)
Decent Templates in a decent design and good variety. Their support was also pretty good. Asked them for some additional work and the turn-around was fast and good. Seems like they are doing overall a good job.
(By : growthme)
Nice customer support and work too ! :)
(By : kitt70)
удивительная работа
Download Matah | Responsive Email Set
9. Matah | Responsive Email Set
  • ✅ More than 86 unique modules 36 templates
  • ✅ StampReady builder no purchase code require
  • ✅5Stars Customer support 33 ESP Compatibility
(By : venturechurchca)
Super clean design, very customizable with the modules and code. I owned this template, Matah, and have now also purchased Koble by the developer. Both are fantastic templates. I also had a question, and received a response within an hour from the developer.
(By : SoundsGreat)
It's all I wanted it to be. The customer support is by far the fastest one and most competent one I had a pleasure of working with. Highly recommend this set!
(By : UberNomad)
Future proof, code, still works perfectly today ..
(By : mrverity)
Developer responded to my inquiry right away and helped me solve the issue. Wish all the developers on here had that kind of service lol. Excellent business email template.
(By : CMDD2018)
I'm very happy with my purchase. I needed a little help from the developer as I'm not an expert in this sort of thing. I got a reply within an hour with a detailed email explaining what I should do. The theme looks great, and the support is great.
(By : akatsuka87)
Beyond the beautiful design of the templates, I really appreciate the quick and helpful customer support. Definitely recommend!
Download Notif - Email Notifications templates
(By : Lauta23)
Cute templates, with excellent support
(By : Brommkollc)
Design is perfect. Maybe a new update would be a great only.
Download Bolder | Minimal Newsletter
(By : HerDigitalDomain)
Beautiful modern responsive theme. Easy to customize the theme and integrates well on both Aweber & ConvertKit. Helpful & speedy support too!
(By : gnguyen)
Easy to use even by a noob like me, great support from the developer, nice design.
Download Modulo | Responsive Email
(By : charlie4282)
After multiple purchases from nutzumi, we barely need to even open the item anymore to know how good it will be! Yet another epically brilliant item as always!
(By : jime_lavidadeviaje)
Gret support. They answer me very quickly and help me to resolve the problems I asked. Nice template too! :)
(By : sreenaveen)
Great support. Very understand development team. Will buy again
(By : GrafosDesign)
A very nice custumisable template! looks great!
Download Lil Commerce - Transactional Email Sets + Woo and Shopify Integration
(By : helmerjunior)
I won't need to have a fight with HTML email. Thanks
(By : kuhikuhi)
Great, easy to use templates with a fresh design
(By : General_)
I hope to provide Arabic language in products and thank you
(By : MouradHamdi)
I would like to share my feedback about the Lil commerce hybrid HTML. so far we are very happy as the template looks clean and perfect, we have checked on mobile version and desktop on our MacBook Pro and windows outlook. I have to say that the customer support is very fast !!! believe me, and very supportive. I asked I guess too much questions and always felt supported. we have purchased as well the extension support. now we think that we will purchase the other HTML products that Webtunes offers. !!! Thank you so much again !!! 5 stars deserved
(By : Wedrix)
Perfect solution to our problem.
(By : smkt)
Great looking templates! Easy to install, good documentation, and excellent customer support. I'm using them for WooCommerce, but Woo Subscriptions was not supported. I contacted the author, and in about two weeks, he sent me the updated templates and documentation.
Download Hora | Responsive Email Template
16. Hora | Responsive Email Template
  • 29 Repeatable modules
  • More than 30 email service compatibility
  • Online builder, no purchase code require
(By : bnma)
Great quality, and awesome support!
(By : scarlin)
Love the template - it works and looks great. Best of all, if you have an issue, it is responded to within minutes. Many Thanks!
(By : sweetmelodic)
Perfect, and 10/10 for the support ;)
(By : Flegme)
Really nice theme, i use it with MyMail and it works perfectly !
Download Vince | Responsive Email Template
(By : ndentremo)
Beautiful template, easy to use, great customer support
(By : docjean)
The support is fast and really tackles directly one's problem.
Download X'mas 2 | Responsive Email Template
(By : excon)
Fast Support and Great working newsletter template.
Download Miley | Minimal Responsive Email Template with Online Builder
19. Miley | Minimal Responsive Email Template with Online Builder
  • lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel blog
  • personal blog and magazine email newsletter
  • minimal responsive email newsletter
(By : masorey)
Excellent feature set and awesome support when you need it.
(By : berggut)
a realy easy to use mail template. so many possibilitys its to cheap for all this great features.
(By : tomferrier1)
Amazing design quality that has converted more business than we could have ever hoped for, Grapes Themes is amazing!! I recommend to anyone looking for a partner, get in touch with them!
(By : Devon2019)
This is outstanding work. Everything I needed to do has been done by the author. Easy to edit, easy to customize and beautiful design.
(By : lauvalinda)
I had some technical issues and support team did help me really quickly! Thanks :)
(By : Aduncan1516)
Very responsive to questions and extremely helpful for an email rookie.
Download Kent - Responsive Email Set
(By : sergiomsperb)
Amazing work. Congrats!
(By : nunoecommerce)
Very helpful team! They help in everything that is needed.
Download Travelkar - Responsive Email for Travel 70+ Modules - StampReady Builder + Mailster & Mailchimp
(By : Texatrove)
This is was amazing the design of it was unique and it will be of great help for me in my business. There are multiple layouts as well that can be used for a lot of different marketing requirements. Theme Thrida extended some awesome support and were very proactive in promptly replying to all our queries. Kudos Theme Thrida keep up the good work. All viewing this Travelkar is highly recommended from our end.
(By : Livetravel18)
ThemeTrida are super good at helping when something goes wrong with the coding or other template related issues. Replies takes a bit of time but you are sure that the problem you might have will be solved. And yes the templates fits most peoples needs but it could have a few more choices like a stand alone headline, better gallery that shows properly on mobile devices but all in all a top quality template that makes everyone able to do a professional newsletter. Recommended.
Download Minimal - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template 30+ Modules Mailchimp
(By : theejazzybelle)
Beautiful template with lots of options. Easy to use. When I did have a technical set back, seller provided excellent customer service and helped me to resolve the issue quickly. Great purchase