Download Alyeska Responsive WordPress Theme
(By : khits)
Should have written this a long time ago. Great design and awesome customer support!!!
(By : crescentdave)
It's been a really nice theme for me. Recommended for its simplicity and flexibility.
Download FLATBOOTS | High-Performance and Modern Theme For phpBB
4. FLATBOOTS | High-Performance and Modern Theme For phpBB
  • Elite Seller with Extraordinary Quality Items
  • Fastest and Top SEO Setup Out Of The Box
  • Free Custom plugins, Tutorials and Much More
(By : zeraph2)
Totally agree whit the others buyers! It´s amazing theme and better support. Totally recomended! Thanks Dave!
(By : IvayloHuehue)
The best one in the internet so far. Everyone should use it!
(By : Kickos)
Great theme, great customer support! Thanks for all the hard work. After tons of research, I strongly believe this is the best phpBB theme there is.
(By : cravraham)
The theme is beautiful and customizable. I use it for right to left language and it works very well. The author is very helpful gives extremely great support. I highly recommend the theme.
(By : hakantopuzoglur10)
It would be wrong to evaluate on a single issue. My friends both help in every matter and the product I bought definitely deserves its money. a preferable platform with code quality, support service and peace of mind
(By : Cirock)
I love this theme a lot. Awesome design and this is simply the best phpBB theme out there and in themeforest with the best clients support and tons of extension at sitesplats website. it is very easy to customize and there is enought documents to understand something. 5 star from me. Thanks for helpful software team also. :grin:
Download Daisho - Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme
(By : dnerve)
Unique design, good support
(By : pixbow)
Very nice theme, good job!
(By : melissayuaninnes)
Beautiful, responsive, intelligent theme.
Download Foundry Multipurpose HTML + Variant Page Builder
6. Foundry Multipurpose HTML + Variant Page Builder
  • Exclusive Variant Page Builder included
  • 100+ responsive layouts and over 95 blocks
  • .Less files for unlimited colour schemes
(By : kperezmon)
It's a great selection of templates plus a website builder!
(By : ovitemp)
I don't know any code writing buy I used very easy this template
(By : Ekateriname)
Hi everybody! I have used 3 years and i love it! The Foundry very useful theme
(By : amrudesh)
I have made so many pages for my site with this and works great. Variant is cool too.
(By : gizmonic)
I really like the Foundry theme and have been finding the Variant builder super easy to use. I had an issue with the builder and opened a support ticket. They found and fixed it very quickly and were super helpful. With excellent customer service like that, I know I made the right decision!
(By : pratikjain227)
Thanks a lot, you rock \m/ I don’t have words for the excellent quality of work you do and the service that you provide. I have to increase the rating from 4 to 5 on ThemeForest for foundry and I will keep an eye on all the themes that you make in the future.
Download Nevia - Responsive HTML5 Template
(By : 2w-design)
clean code, good design, well done
(By : subzerofx)
Good design quality and code. I only buy templates with constant improvements and updates. This is one of those. Great job.
(By : sirkong)
Great template. Very easy to work with. Has it all.
Download Akita Responsive WordPress Theme
(By : MissAlice)
I bought this theme in 2012 and i couldn't expect to be on the first page in google search page . I did it myself and i'm not webdesigner. All the VDO tutorial made by Jason are just fantastic. It's easy to learn and undertand. The builder is simple. The code is clean. Thank you ! Alice
Download Mobilize - Touch Optimized Mobile Template
(By : passpride)
It is now 2017 and this theme is as relevant as ever... There is a difference between having just a responsive version of a theme and having a truly mobile interface. That is where this template excels. As long as you know basic html, it is easy to configure and customize it as your own. Works perfectly. Plus documentation is through & great! Author is very helpful and I am very happy with my purchase. Don't hesitate! :-)
Download Metro Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme
(By : theforeigner)
Its amazing theme for a magazine website. It has wonderful features. I use my website for collecting leads and readers data. You can check my website I highly recommend this. Thanks
Download Travelo - Travel, Tour Booking HTML5 Template
(By : kuldipladola)
awsome I am waiting for another good item.
(By : cryptimatrix)
Fantastic for travel industry.
(By : BadreEddine)
nice work keep like that
(By : infinitialk)
really good customer support & nice template easy to use.
(By : emreselim61)
Woowww, it is just what we need!
(By : natpukarthi)
Best Tourism Website More than More Customized.
Download Konzept - Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme
(By : thadtischbein)
Great design - works for my website since a couple of years. I'm very grateful! Highly recommended theme.
Download Antler - Hosting Provider & WHMCS Template
18. Antler - Hosting Provider & WHMCS Template
  • Latest Bootstrap Framework v4.5.3 Ready
  • Latest WHMCS 8.2 & Template Included + RTL
  • WHMCS Email, News & Order Form Available
(By : cloudeyeit)
Very nice html template ❤️
(By : krigan83)
Suporte fantastico por parte da empresa bem como sempre a ajudar em qualquer questao, obrigado e Sucesso
(By : jordan_richardo)
I can't say enough good things about Antler and it's developer, there is so much value here in terms of customizable pages and design. It's a great looking theme and the developer is extremely helpful. Thank you for the great work!
(By : wsdevC)
I had a problem that it was not possible to replace the number of years in the domain registration at the time of purchase. I turned to support, the response was quick and within one business day I had already received a response from the developers of the template. Once the bug was not in the template they helped me look for the problem until the solution. very pleased! 10/10 Thank you very much
(By : tim427)
After a long search for an easy, but comprehensive/feature rich template, I found Antler. The documentation is helpful and well documented. Support is even better; very approachable, friendly and helpful.
(By : josua27176)
This was an amazing design and well layed out. Very easy to configure to your liking!
Download Kane - Responsive App Landing Page + Builder
(By : hodfordsjc)
Good template - easy to use and easy to customise
(By : shupto)
This is very Design, I love it, thank you.
(By : dvartok)
Perfect for the job - thanks!
(By : marcosrieper)
Some bugs, but great!
Download Pofo - Creative Agency, Corporate and Portfolio Multi-purpose Template
(By : drewseitam)
I'm very happy with the quality of the product but the customer support is amazing. I had a couple of css issues that I couldn't work out how to resolve. Solved in 24 hours. Brilliant!
(By : sarahannlove)
Absolutely love these sites and the code is super clean and organized!
(By : m3orange)
This is a great theme with many, many options (homepages, elements, etc). What I appreciate the most is the way the CSS is declared, and it becomes very intuitive to follow for a person who doesn't have advanced coding skills. Their customer service is worth paying for.
(By : hacklodeon)
I really love this template! Easy to use, well documented and looks really nice! Thanks!
(By : hpnmax)
Nice well done full of options
(By : cetek)
Design and clean code. Thank you
Download FlatHost Responsive Hosting Template with WHMCS
23. FlatHost Responsive Hosting Template with WHMCS
  • Responsive Hosting Template with WHMCS
  • Designed with latest Bootstrap version
  • One Page and Multipage Option
(By : nlaruelle)
I was glad to get a fast answer to my last question in the product comments zone. 5 stars. You deserve. Long life to FlatHost for WHMCS ! Great theme.
(By : robertnbg)
i dont like html but for reseller hosting webseite using wordpress i read many forums its a bad solution first because security reasons then you need any week update wordpress or wp-plugins then you need bridgeplugin between whmcs and wordpress so i decide using html template for install i need 60 seconds change text very simple with any editor
(By : linveo)
Great theme and easy to work with to make customizations.
(By : Wally30)
Awesome design and great customer support
(By : georlandiooliveira)
Very good, I liked it
(By : IamDefiler)
Very impressed with the support for this theme. WHMCS got upgraded and caused ReCaptcha to not work exactly as intended. A couple of emails back and forth explaining the issue and I was provided with an updated theme to fix the issue. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Thank you for standing behind your word and your work!