Download Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
1. Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  • Best practices of User Experience
  • Trendy Demo Pages Layouts
  • Fast & Friendly Support
(By : errsec)
Тема, из которой можно сделать все, что угодно. Делаю на ней без проблем от лендингов до интернет-магазинов. Функционал тем крут, что он минимален, на сколько это возможно, но при этом супер гибкий. Не нужно быть гением, чтобы овладеть этой темой. Уже несколько лет делаю на ней сайты и пока не видел лучшего сочетания стоимости, качества, гибкости и функционала. Очень крутая тема. Рекомендую.
(By : PrincessBarbie4now)
I have used this theme a couple of times and I still like its potential, variations and handling surface. It truly works very well and the result looks very professional
(By : SonjaWalchshofer)
I'm using Impreza since 2017. Today I received such a great support! Ivan from the UpSolution Support Team is my hero of the day / month / year! I never thought that after my short message yesterday I would receive such comprehensive care today. I really can recommend this company!!!!!!!
(By : argusdesignworks)
I love the ease and intuitiveness of this theme! I'm normally a big fan of Divi, but found the Impreza theme to be super flexible to use. I ran into a couple of minor hiccups, but the developer was quick to respond to my support questions and get me straightened out. I especially like how you can design different content templates and apply them to custom post types.
(By : 007sebinator)
Solid theme with lots of customization, only elementor support is lacking
(By : patricia_aravecchia)
Este é o meu tema preferido. Além de ter muitos recursos, a equipe de suporte é muito profissional.
Download Oshine - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme
2. Oshine - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme
  • Beautiful & Clean Creative Portfolio Layouts
  • 52 demos & 30000+ Customers, Great Support
  • Best Portfolio & Photography WordPress theme
(By : PenneyK)
I received prompt and great support from Manish Jain, Customer Support Executive. Thank you.
(By : mappillow)
A very nice theme, I had a little difficulty installing one demo and the team responded and helped me immediately.
(By : jschwill)
Very fast and professional support! Thank you!
(By : Calypsa42)
Excellent customer support !
(By : Lia112)
great design and good customer support!!! 5 stars
(By : enrico_sestyle)
Awesome theme with a lot of features and an excellent visual editor and, most of all, a great customer support that helps you to get what you want for your specific needs. Highly recommended.
Download Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce
(By : MarcBowman)
I have purchased numerous copies of Avada over the years for personal websites and for my clients. This is by far the easiest and most feature rich theme I have ever worked with. Page layout is a breeze, customization of containers, columns, and elements is amazing. Its like they thought of everything to make my life easier and then they did it. Changing theme options is simple. Want to change an option on just one post without changing the entire site? No problem. I have tried numerous other themes and always come back to Avada. It is hands down the best!!!
(By : osomarketing)
Great Support, Great Theme can't ask for any better theme. So easy to use has everything you need and any issue that may arise they are really great and quick at getting you an answer.
(By : TiramisuStudio)
It's difficult to pick just one reason - one of the best builders available! Keep up updating it with new options and features. thank you.
(By : ctricor)
Great theme, been using this for many years and it's always worked well. Support is great too
(By : ivannus)
Definitely my go to Theme for all my clients' WordPress websites. Easy to use, user-friendly, full of features. Also, the ability to save templates that you can easily add to posts or pages is invaluable.
(By : tobiasart)
The customer service is AMAZING!! Now the VAT disclaimer shows up perfectly on product page :-) THANK YOU!!! Over all - after getting familiar with the theme over quite some time now and regarding the features it is under my Top 5!
Download Dandelion - Powerful Elegant WordPress Theme
(By : dsaunderswa)
Customer support is always excellent. The documentation is thorough and easy to follow.
(By : merelvanboheemen)
Looks great works easily!
(By : LisaRoth)
Beautiful, simple and elegant theme. Easy to use and consistently updated. The sortable gallery with descriptions—harder to find than you might expect—is perfect for my charity art auction.
(By : malesrdce)
Excellent! I love this template.
Download KingSize Fullscreen Photography Theme
(By : zpyder)
I purchased Kingsize probably 8 years ago. Used it for a few years, then changed things up. I now find myself coing back to Kingsize, as frankly, of all the different iterations of my website, it was the best. For those people finding they are unable to access the Theme options, I've discovered if you install the jQuery Migrate Helper plugin, this will at least enable the options for you (and highlight issues with outdated code in the theme. This seems to apply to the recent (Aug 2020) update to WP 5.5.
Download Core | Photography
6. Core | Photography
  • Password protected photography gallery
  • Make money out of your photography (own shop)
  • Right click protection & private photography
(By : moffatini)
Very helpful and prompt customer support, which makes all the difference when working with this stylish theme.
(By : dantelara)
Immediate response and quick solution.
(By : roshik2016)
There are really interesting features available. This theme is really great and the support is good. There are a few bugs but the author is able to help in fixing the issues. Overall really good product.
(By : jodemars)
I use this templates to many years and his perfects for me
(By : tocuadrian)
Easy to use. Good job!
(By : julien077)
Very nice design ! I'm happy with it. If you nee somme help, the designer will give you a response rapidly Thank's a lot
Download Photolux - Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme
(By : Miniscal)
Despues de trabajar con el desde cero, he ido aprendiendo con el y muy amigable.
(By : rvduc)
Excellent theme in all settings. Design, customization, ease of use, stability. In short! It's a template of a very high quality. Thanks to the developers.
(By : danycreativedesign)
This is a great style for a theme, very creative and elegant.
(By : hannahoud)
I'm very please with he flexibility of this design and the rather extensive documentation so I don't have to figure out everything myself. I browsed many free themes, but this one looks way better and it worth the money. I want to change some small things but I can modify the css so it won't be a problem, although some parts are hard to find in the stylesheet.
(By : Lobito2761)
It's a great theme and I like it very much :-)
(By : smoothedit)
Brilliant support too!
Download 907 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
(By : leebrosus)
I just went back to using my account and found out I bought one of your items without using it. Hope you can refund me. Sorry for the inconvenience
(By : dashboardgyno)
Fast and lightweight, this theme will help fulfill your website design dreams!
(By : Narqosh)
Great design, a lot of features easy to customize, many templates to choose and often updates, after 2 years I don`t have any problems with my website ;)
(By : daddylogan)
They team has done a fantastic job keeping this theme fresh and modern.
(By : ROWtations)
I gave this theme 3 Stars for Customer Support, but in all fairness I have to give it 5 Stars for Design Quality, Flexibility, Feature Availability, and Customizability. Especially now that version 5.0 will soon be released with the option to continue designing with WPBakery :( , or now in version 5.0... with ELEMENTOR!!! :) (The World's Leading WordPress Page Builder.) Awesome!!!
(By : slash77)
Very nice theme and good support.
Download Photography WordPress
10. Photography WordPress
  • 70+ demo pages for photography
  • Make money out of your photography (own shop)
  • Proofing gallery for client's photography
(By : julienmeijer)
Very happy with this template. It has some great features and my customers really like the site!
(By : FrankBeckerDE)
Great Theme and one of the best Customer Support i´ve seen!!! Perfect!!! Thx so much!!! :-)
(By : kruemelkeksfotografie)
the support works very well :)
(By : jrinsf2000)
You cannot beat the customer support for this theme. I am not technical, and there is always someone there to guide you in making updates and changes. I'm very happy with this theme and the support!
(By : Greenapple_)
Photography is my first wordpress template and I am happy with it. As a beginner you have many possibilities to customize the template without much knowledge. The support is also fast and can help a lot.
(By : studiobabel)
A lot of customization possibilities and a great customer support!
Download Story - Creative Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
(By : lusic)
I've been recomending this theme for many of my custmomers. Thanks a lot for the great support as well. But there is an unknown about the about continuity, considering that the last update was made in December 2020. Keep up the good work guys!
(By : robertvanhall)
I would really like to recommend the Story theme. It looks great, is easy to customize and support is quick & friendly.
(By : hcnegro)
Once you understand how it works, it is a very capable and useful template. You can achieve almost any layout with it.
(By : travelrebel)
Long time using this theme and never got disappointed or left behind. Many thanks for your great work!
(By : Aluarth)
Great support, very helpful!
(By : cruzman)
The most responsive and helpful support ever!
Download Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme
(By : Bevan78)
I picked up a few errors outside of my free support but they helped me resolve the problems very quickly. Excellent theme and excellent customer support - thank you!
(By : tingyat)
This theme is an almost perfect combination of good and efficient web design and thorough documentation. One of the best around. Comes highly recommended.
Download Daisho - Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme
(By : dnerve)
Unique design, good support
(By : pixbow)
Very nice theme, good job!
(By : melissayuaninnes)
Beautiful, responsive, intelligent theme.
Download BORDER - A Delightful Photography WordPress Theme
16. BORDER - A Delightful Photography WordPress Theme
  • Delightful Design with Unique Transitions
  • Unique Gallery Cover Text Animation
  • Mixing your Photos with Videos
(By : kokobaliev)
Excellent theme with great customer support! They were very kind and helped me solve some problems I have during the website costumization. Recommend
(By : rowiej)
I've set up over half a dozen websites between over the years for my photography and production agency. This has by far been the easiest and quickest to build while not sacrificing on usability. Everything works straight out of the box and the quick easy access pop up self help box makes any hurdle easy to jump over. see it in action here -
(By : winegraph)
Very nice template for photographers, and excellent support. Thanks.
(By : bodypainter)
Appealing theme and fast responses to my support questions
(By : Neldrew)
Developer very skilled and concerned with the client, easy communication and fast to meet our request. I recommend it to everyone.
(By : nilshenrikj)
Very light theme and no bugs founded. Just missing some customisability/variety in blog formats. Great theme overall!
Download Linguini — Restaurant WordPress Theme
17. Linguini — Restaurant WordPress Theme
  • Top Selling Restaurant Theme of All Time
  • 3 Amazing Demos to One-click Import
  • Restaurant Menu & Reservations Management
(By : chano_lr)
The theme is well built and offers many great layouts with good customizability as well. But the best aspect of this item is the support! I asked for how to do some customizations and they were not expected but they did a theme update for supporting my requests. I can't ask better than this! I do suggest this item and seller!
(By : alicemedia)
Excellent and beautiful theme!
(By : volkis)
Good theme for restaurant.... so easy to control...
(By : hereforthebeer)
Fantastic support on an excellent theme. Author is responsive to issues and provides regular updates. Easily one of the best themes I've purchased on themeforest.
(By : dylzen)
Great work, the theme is highly customizable and flexible. The support is fast and helpful. Perfect.
(By : Jcapehart2)
Great and fast responses. Goes over and beyond, I couldn't be happier with the theme itself. v3 is a huge step up from v2 and he executed the update great!
Download Grand College - Wordpress Theme For Education
(By : nareshlogs)
This is the best college theme I have ever seen. I request the author to kindly update the theme and make it full screen (edge to edge). So that no space gets wasted in edges.
(By : brooksie)
Fast and efficient customer support
(By : clear196)
I enjoy this design, much much more, i am still using it and also recommend my customer to use it.
(By : alpaq53)
it is an old theme, not very modern but it did the job for a website we did in 2014.
Download DK | Photography
19. DK | Photography
  • Password protected photography gallery
  • Make money out of your photography (own shop)
  • Right click protection & private photography
Download Skylab - Responsive Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme
(By : Zuluafonu)
nice looking theme and the customer support is top notch
(By : Doormat)
I must say, the team went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend this team 110 support.
(By : Vanso)
This theme is probably the cleanest, most versatile theme I've ever purchased. Loads incredibly fast and has all the features you need. If you are looking for a portfolio theme this one is the best you can find! Technical support is quick and excellent too! Best theme I've ever purchased by far! Keep up the good work guys!
(By : SK1)
The theme is great. Customer support is very satisfied.
(By : titoratm)
The developer helped me as many times as I required to fix any issue related to my website. This theme is so elegant and perfect for photographers. Recommened!
(By : Ieve)
And great Customer Support!!
Download PhotoMe | Photography Portfolio WordPress
21. PhotoMe | Photography Portfolio WordPress
  • 50+ demo portfolio & portfolio pages
  • Setup shop for your photography & portfolio
  • Proofing portfolio and photography for client
(By : nerinho)
While customizing the template to my needs I was also facing some issues. Using the customer support was a real treat. They helped me perfectly and patiently with my many tickets. Recommenaation from my side.
(By : Elodiecure)
Great theme and really great customer support ! Thanks a lot !
(By : raftubaye)
Nice Theme and easy to use...
(By : jiejieshishi)
This is a beautiful theme that caters every aspect for my photography website. The great customer support just bring it to the next level. The support has been prompt with response and very helpful in resolving the issues I have. Highly recommend this theme and Themegoods.
(By : campaillette)
Template très élégant avec un module commerce qui répond à mes attentes pour mes photos de paysage. Support réactif et compétent
(By : torbemn84)
Very good theme! It's perfect for my website!!!!!
Download Tripod - Professional WordPress Photography Theme
(By : Dirkje1)
Beautiful theme, easy to work with.
(By : r4ptor)
I've been using Tripod for a number of years and can say I've not only been happy with it, but I get lots of positive comments from clients as well.
(By : HundertBlicke)
Very good Theme also for the ones who never made WS Blog before
(By : lo0o0d)
Excellent good template support
(By : ericavighi)
This site is clean and modern. For a beginner like me its was a little bit difficult at first to customize. But the result was very nice.
Download Ave - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
23. Ave - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  • Next-Gen Site Builder, Blazing Fast
  • Huge Template and Element Collection
  • 5-Star Customer Support, Free Updates
(By : Larose8)
The design is modern and the code is light.
(By : envatointo)
Very clean and well thought through design. One of the best we have worked with.
(By : infogroot)
I have truly enjoyed my experience with Ave. There is so much you can do to customize it and make it your own. And the customer experience has been above and beyond!
(By : Home-Made)
After some initial hick ups with support, I was called and helped step by step to resolve the issues that I had. Very supportive overal. Thank you!
(By : archadeckns)
One of the best themes out there - just request the devs to keep the updates coming as they do, and keep support top-notch! :)
(By : Patovaldes)
The theme is quite versatile and the technical support answers quickly and helps to solve