Download Modernize - Flexibility of WordPress
(By : afronczek)
This theme is relatively simple to use and the support from the developer is outstanding. He replies quickly (usually within 24 hours - I think there is a significant time difference between us). The developer is also extremely helpful with minor tweeks. Whether you are or an experienced developer, or are a just trying to manage your own business (like me), this site will do what you need it to. It is responsive and seems to be constantly updated.
(By : pijpers662)
Beautiful and indeed very flexible theme. The support is fantastic!
(By : didiel)
flexible theme that ever create!
(By : SuziSchumacher)
The customer support on Goodlayers themes is wonderful. They get back to you with solutions quickly. Love their Modernize theme and use it on 5 websites for a university. They've done an excellent job on coding, documentation, flexibility and design!
This theme has long helped me with a client, it's a shame it has been stopped for its update. It's a great theme, a great solution.
(By : photong21)
I received Perfect support. Very god!
Download Karma - Responsive Clean Website Template
(By : paulitachartier)
I received excellent customer support, both quickly and accurately.
(By : TanviDol)
Very excited updates. multiple and useful themes in one theme
(By : A1Seafood)
Had a time uploading and activating. ThemeF - had to DL 4x. Updated review.
(By : tlemke1)
Phenomenal template, excellent documentation, very professional graphics. This is a great buy!
(By : keyboard)
Thats a PERFECT item. Well description. Perfect for business !!!
(By : DavidLHenson)
Awesome template. Very attractive.
Download Education WordPress Theme - Masterstudy
(By : lyvy)
good theme and good service!
(By : sumitathwasiya)
I am using this theme since last 6 months, due to its well documentation I never had to face any problem nor did I ever put a support ticket. thanks for your hard work.
(By : edgardo1)
Excellent theme! Meets all expectations, very easy to install, fast and professional. It is error free and comes with very nice designs.
(By : sjoerdcommandeur)
I like the theme and it works very well. Of course there are things that can be better, but in general everything works well. I like the design and with the combination of woocommerce and elementor the theme is very powerful. I also like that I have the feeling that the theme is alive. They are updating the theme and there is support. Please continue the good work!
(By : Rayjak)
Outstanding support. Very happy with the quality of customer support. Highly recommend.
(By : teggs)
I love the multiple feature packaged into one piece makes things easy to manage
Download Academy - Learning Management Theme
4. Academy - Learning Management Theme
  • Manage courses, lessons and quizzes
  • Sell one-time access or subscriptions
  • Easily add, edit and embed content
The Customer support is very good
(By : javacafe)
I have been using this regularly for over four years. This theme is undoubtedly one of the most useful applications in my life. The only (minor) downside is that support can take up to one day or more.
(By : puela)
Great theme for a wp online school. Great support provided by the developer!
(By : ianjuby)
Using this theme now for a few years and it's exceptional as an e-learning website. Thanks!
(By : docsimple)
Very happy with this theme. It's perfect for online courses. I've been using it for a couple of years now and haven't had any trouble with it. Support has been very prompt and good. Regular updates. Highly recommended.
(By : krishnakumar_ka)
I am writing this review after 4 yrs of buying the theme. When I was buying this theme there were only two themes in Themeforest as LMS and this was the best. Undoubtedly the author's support and documentation to create the website is really excellent. Being the user and fan of the theme I want to make suggestion to the author: there has been no update in the design and features for a long time. Please come up with new home page styles. And add features like events, internship/job offers etc. So that the users can go beyond LMS and provide more services to the clients.
Download Stack - Multi Purpose HTML with Page Builder
5. Stack - Multi Purpose HTML with Page Builder
  • Exclusive Variant Page Builder Included
  • 140 layouts and over 240 content blocks
  • .Less files for unlimited colour schemes
(By : werewolves196910)
Great page builder, I use it all the time to this day. Simple interface.
(By : globers)
My best purchase on ThemeForest in 6 years. Thanks.
(By : schoba)
Great design and ease of use!
(By : jubedesign)
Love the design, flexibility and documentation. Thanks meduim_rare
(By : kulikowski)
Great website builder. Just amazingly easy to use...
(By : moosey_man)
The best made theme I have bought today I have this template running with laravel and honestly it is absolutely brilliant! the code is so clean and easy to work with, its also really easy to strip down and add your own stuff to unlike some of the big clunky themes like polo. well done medium_rare I will be keeping an eye on all of your projects from now on, and if you keep it like this I will certainly be a long standing customer.
Download Grand College - Wordpress Theme For Education
(By : nareshlogs)
This is the best college theme I have ever seen. I request the author to kindly update the theme and make it full screen (edge to edge). So that no space gets wasted in edges.
(By : brooksie)
Fast and efficient customer support
(By : clear196)
I enjoy this design, much much more, i am still using it and also recommend my customer to use it.
(By : alpaq53)
it is an old theme, not very modern but it did the job for a website we did in 2014.
Download Lambda - Responsive Moodle Theme
7. Lambda - Responsive Moodle Theme
  • The #1 Best Selling Moodle Theme
  • Multiple Layouts and Customization Options
  • Dedicated Support Forum, Elite Author
(By : slamets75)
Detail & Complate
(By : BhaktiLearning)
Eva is awesome in guiding and providing us solutions that are mostly beyond the Lambda theme's scope of support. We commend this theme to use for your Moodle sites.
(By : imohamed2000)
Great theme with many options and tools that makes your LMS site glowing, Thank you so much for such a hard work. Keep it up
(By : pm4dev)
Beautiful theme, fully customizable, but the best part is the fantastic support that the designer provides, that alone should be the main reason to buy it. I installed the theme, followed the directions, and everything worked perfectly. Thank you!
(By : wpereda)
Excelente tema de Moodle, adaptable y de manejo intuitivo. Felicitaciones !!
(By : deepcurrent)
Well done for keeping lambda up to date, i needed to update from 3.5 to 3.8. I've just done it and it works like a charm! Thank you!!!
Download LMS WordPress Theme
8. LMS WordPress Theme
  • WP LMS Education, Learning Management System
  • elearning WP, Online School & Tutorial Theme
  • Webinar Coaching, Tutor & Online Courses WP
(By : capomees)
Gracias por la ayuda, excelente tiempo de respuesta
(By : aktsar)
Timely and helpful support whenever needed.
(By : yutokanazawa)
This theme was all I needed to create guitar lesson membership website. I came across LMS back in 2014 first time and now it still stands out. As far as I knew there were only few options to make membership website without paying huge cost of annual subscription back in time. Now music lesson subscription service can be done with Patreon or Vimeo but navigation of their systems are not designed for seamless learning experience in my opinion. Great customer service as well, since I live in NY it took a bit time to exchanging emails to complete the website but they are very supportive.
(By : Despite08)
Very nice theme with big customization possibilities and VERY helpful and friendly support team
(By : Sherkhon)
This LMS works awesome ! Thanks for the team however I have a question. I hope anyone will help cause i couldn`t find the email tech support of this platform. Question: I uploaded this LMS WordPress Theme and everything works great but when the visitor comes to the website it force him to select the style and the color scheme.I dont know how to disable it. How to disable this option?
(By : natividad-torres)
Very good theme and very usefull !
Download Stack - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Variant Page Builder & Visual Composer
(By : mrfvr)
Amazing theme for a modern wordpress site.
(By : valerieurso)
Extremely clean, minimalist design with easy to customize features. I've used it now for several sites. The Variant Page Builder is my favorite builder so far (compared to Elementor, Divi, others). Support was prompt and helpful.
(By : sourcemaker)
Great theme, awsome installer (onboarding / theme setup)
(By : smart_idiot)
"Stack" is one of my all time favorites. I really like to work with it and I love it's clean look. There are a lot of UI Elements you can use and because of WPBakery PageBuilder it's very customizable.
(By : Minty02)
It's a good theme, just increase the maintenance and feature updates a bit like other themes.
(By : bangabu)
This theme look simple but powerfull, i like the design
Download University - Education, Event and Course Theme
10. University - Education, Event and Course Theme
  • Best theme for University, College
  • Suitable for both online and offline courses
  • with Events and Courses features
(By : Francoism_za)
Great theme! How do we change the top right corner where the search is and remove the social media buttons? Really great work guys! Going to recommend
(By : victorcam)
This is a great and well-designed theme. Thanks for providing such a great tool.
(By : inkylipspress)
Love this theme, I use it for the Depart of Art where I teach in higher ed.
(By : fifuchi)
It has an excellent design, easy to install and is practical for what is needed.
(By : tantamount)
Great theme, flexibility and superb support. 5 stars!
(By : ringrave)
Great customer support, efficient design and features for event / classes.
Download CorpTrain | Corporate Training WordPress Theme
11. CorpTrain | Corporate Training WordPress Theme
  • 06 LMS, Education, Elearning focused demos
  • Create and sell online/offline courses easily
  • Sell LMS course with Subscription Membership
(By : fbiganski)
Daisy with paid customer support is absolutely fantastic and fast to resolve the most complex of issues. Thanks Daisy!
(By : giuliarobert)
I love this theme, and great customer support comes with it!
(By : overdriven)
Great theme, Great customer support. Thank you so much!
(By : faruktoprak)
Hi, I wanted to change URL. I have changed WordPress folder destination than I couldn't login Envato the link didn't work. It says Something went wrong! Please report to administrator. Could you please help me ? I use the template for my personal website I've just changed the WP folder destination. It used to be and now I made it Thanks
(By : fbiganski)
I've been using Course Builder and LearnPress for many years now, and have found it pretty straight forward in setting up and maintaining. And whenever I need professional help and assistance, I happily pay for 6 months professional support, and I've found that 4 out of 5 times, the ThimPress author and/or staff will fix problems for me - a great value! Thank you ThimPress!
(By : angelika1977)
Excellent customer support! When others make excuses, Thimpress solves the problems.
Download King Power - Retina Ready Multi-Purpose Theme
(By : netzbetrieb)
Because of a server-update i needed support and i got very fast and dedicated support! We fixed some update-related issues and now everything works fine. Thx to Sandeep!
(By : ladylakhani)
The design is great, the documentation is great - I'm an absolute beginner and I had no trouble building my site using this theme. Thanks!!
(By : DaniYakindo)
Great, Stable theme and incredible support !! Love Goodlayers :)
Download Happy Kids - Children WordPress Theme
(By : Cutty382)
The theme is easy to use and the customer support has been fantastic.
(By : tansu)
They have the best customer support. The Theme is also amazingly flexible to use & explore. Totally totally love it!
(By : Aphro)
A global apreciation. Nice, efficient, fast support. Just love it !
(By : cochrandk)
Great thme and helpful support
(By : paropesi)
The theme is incredible, very flexible and beautiful Customer support is sensational, team of congratulations
(By : ktopsoglou)
Thank you for your excellent assistance !
Download Baby Kids - Education Primary School Children
14. Baby Kids - Education Primary School Children
  • School Education Primary School For Children
  • Manage Children Courses for your School
  • School Pages Ready To Use, No Code Required
(By : fastfixict)
Great theme, I needed almost no support for it because it's made so simple and good, when I did need support I had response in only 17 hours and very good answer from them, They really help you.
(By : pictiweb)
Beautiful template & great support
(By : vijeshn)
I am extremely impressed with the service that I have received. Whenever there has been a question, the responses have been fast. This is what you need from a great product and service. Thank you. Really appreciate it.
(By : therionvox)
This theme is awesome! the installation procedure is very precise, it works perfectly, and when I had some questions the support answers within a few hours with very detailed info, so I'm so happy to get such a great theme for that price! thanks again!
(By : Morph3usXxX)
Excellent support. Fast answers.
(By : nionios83)
It'a about a clean code theme with great and quick support.
Download Fable - Children Kindergarten WordPress Theme
15. Fable - Children Kindergarten WordPress Theme
  • 3.200+ purchases, impressive rating of 4.7
  • Designed for kindergarten, children primary
  • With Timetable plugin ($26) integrated
(By : akwiat)
Very professional theme. Fast and helpful support.
(By : FYMSO)
Beautiful design, great customer service.
(By : AlessiaVattani)
Great theme, great support!
(By : fortunavita)
Great theme! Customizability! Code quality! Design qualitiy! Customer support! All great!!!
(By : mnaimm)
superb after sale support.
(By : RudyMore)
Excellent fast support
Download Edubin - Education WordPress Theme
16. Edubin - Education WordPress Theme
  • Tutor, LearnDash LearnPress LMS Course Zoom
  • Education Theme, University Trainer Teacher
  • Online Course, Coach School Lesson Quiz Study
(By : Carla_Crafford)
Great customer support
(By : anaskheder)
Best Customer Support
(By : husainwahyudi)
The author respond to every technical issues in a fairly short time. Thanks pixelcurve.
(By : Bestofcologne)
A very nice theme and easy to set up. With version 4.0 a lot has been improved.
(By : web78it)
5 stars for this wonderful theme and for a supreme support
(By : SourisGris)
Quick, efficient and nice mails.
Download Kiddie - Kindergarten WordPress Theme
17. Kiddie - Kindergarten WordPress Theme
  • Designed for Kindergarten and Preschool
  • Kindergarten Premium Demo Data Included
  • 1 Click Installation & 5 Stars Support
(By : robgomes)
Ever-present support. I am satisfied with the theme and the attention given to the customer.
Design quality is good and customer support very nice and instantly.
(By : robgomes)
Very attentive and fast support! I'm very satisfied.
(By : fbroothaers)
Easy to install, easy to configure and when the solution is not found, support will respond to you within a very short time. I recommend it !
(By : kodwu)
theme is beautiful. support is great and quick
(By : dinasbob19)
Excellent support, fast and trustable.
Download VEDA MultiPurpose WordPress
18. VEDA MultiPurpose WordPress
  • WP Responsive Multipurpose Niche CMS Template
  • Agency OnePage Software Consulting Business
  • Yoga Beauty Spa Kids School Restaurant Events
(By : markangus)
As always, the support I received was prompt, efficient and helpful. Highly recommend customer service.
(By : markangus)
Fast, helpful and efficient customer support at all times. Highly recommended for the quality of the service.
(By : richame1900)
My best wordpress theme of all time.
(By : MD-MUC)
Very good support - enough features for creating nice webpages.
(By : EverLast2020)
The best customer support!
(By : ddezyne)
Amazing support and immediate help to resolve issues. I love this theme, and amazing authors. Thanks.
Download Edumy - Premium Moodle LMS Theme
19. Edumy - Premium Moodle LMS Theme
  • Fully Responsive and Retina Ready Design
  • Custom Dashboard & Focus Mode Included
  • 105+ Drag & Drop Blocks & Live Customizer
(By : santiprivee)
Excellent theme, very customizable and easy to achieve.
(By : egyptrise)
hi every one first i would like to say thanks for Edumy Moodle team really they have a great customer service and support with a great product that what i was looking for add to this the product theme builder makes you do what you dream with not like others product i try before Edwiser no customers service and can not import one of 3 home page after complaining they said we are working on this since that time no body replay
(By : francisfirst)
The template is extremely flexible to work around with.
(By : rodrigostipp)
Very good support, respond to requests in a short time
(By : jasondorey)
The Edumy theme has been a fantastic addition to our Moodle LMS. The simplicity of design provides ample opportunity to customize and meet the needs of our learners. The customer support has also five star.
(By : HypnosisPraxis)
Good design with a lot of features
Download Clever Course - Education / LMS
(By : JulieMama)
I have this theme since 2016. Not only it's easy to install and customize, but the support is amazing. I highly recommend this theme!
(By : Apollet01)
Graeat support and theme
(By : kertemindesejlklub)
After using it for 5 years without malfunction, and with flexibilty for more than just LMS, 5 stars is the natural rating
(By : CEU4PT)
very good LMS , has all features, from online courses to onsite courses, page builder, tons of flexibility , with a little bit tweaks, this LMS will be number one in that area. I hope I would have time to make a video review to show why I am rating this theme 5 stars.
(By : onanm)
Excellent Customer Support
(By : musiceduonline)
Fantastic support, Thank you, Sandeep.
Download Avas - Elementor WordPress Theme
21. Avas - Elementor WordPress Theme
  • Business Consultant Corporate Creative Agency
  • Startup Finance Charity Education Medical SEO
  • Construction Cleaning Service App Hosting RTL
(By : jagsedwardpret)
Looks great! With the right elementor touch, its simply click and go website!
(By : kazerson)
I am perfectly satisfied with this theme given its stability, flexibility and speed of loading.
(By : wpex)
The theme is very flexible with an A+ class, professional, time effective and excellent customer support. Great work guys! Cheers
(By : jhanmarlon)
Excellent design and good support. I recommend it.
(By : relatively_minimal)
I search a lot of themes that use elementor, this theme style and desgin is the best. as a marketing person we need to think a lot of things, this theme help me a lot, think a lot for me, I just need 1 point need improve that is I need portfoilio page with comment funcion, that is very important for us. thanks for this theme provider, you are all the best!
(By : Karolina_Kat)
Hi, the theme is superb. I just have one issue: I have created numerous pages on my website but when I want to add some of the pages to the menu at the top of the website there is only a list of 4 pages which I can choose from. When I want to submit a ticket on, I cannot login using my envato credentials.
Download Kids Life | Children School
22. Kids Life | Children School
  • WP Kids School WordPress, Babysitting Theme
  • Kids Preschool Daycare Nursery, Nanny Service
  • Child Care Children Store, Kindergarten Theme
(By : celinemug)
Great and fast customer support.
(By : CyrusYiu)
thanks you for the support, good job
(By : visionca)
Great Support. All our issues have been sold in 7 days.
(By : idhcomunicacion)
Exelente soporte, muy rapido, personalizado y de confianza, me dejaron impresionado es cien por ciento recomendable y muy buenos temas.
(By : showpayne)
my project is in the Czech Republic. everyone with designthemes was not afraid and helped solve every problem. Thanks to all for your help. Director of Child Aid Organization Jedlička 2019 z.s.
(By : markemotion)
Very nice template and the support is very quick and helpful. Thank you!
Download Maxima - Retina Ready WordPress Theme
(By : etomova)
I am using this theme for many years now and I am quite happy with the code, design and especially the technical support. I can highly recommend Maxima and GoodLayers team.
(By : dinahberch)
Extremely quick, responsive and thorough support team. Great theme!
(By : KeithCPA)
I love the look and feel of the Maxima theme. Mobile responsive and up to date. Thanks!