Download Metronic - Bootstrap 4/5 HTML, VueJS, React, Angular 11 & Laravel Admin Dashboard Theme
(By : Emplitrack)
We appreciate the support of the keen themes Team. They are doing awesome work. we love Keen Theme Team.
(By : pkbsdmp)
They are the best for everything
(By : AbdallahAziz2001)
Very coooooooooooooooooooooool
(By : riterix)
We've worked with a lots of admin themes, most of them are also from themesforest, but Metronic HAS it ALL. Thank you Keenthemes, and specially Sean for the great product and support.
(By : hancilarpoyraz)
This template is awesome. I preffer for everyone who build web applications.
(By : as-shiddiq)
good job, this is best template was i found
Download Porto - Responsive HTML5 Template
2. Porto - Responsive HTML5 Template
  • 700+ HTML Template Files
  • 80+ Demos and Home Pages
  • Bootstrap 5 + SCSS + Exclusive Style Switcher
(By : awebwizard)
One of the BEST templates on earth. Okler is fantastic, so is their support team. Highly recommended A+
(By : jack2008)
This is a great theme to work with, from the quality of the code, range of features, and good documentation, it can save you time because it's easy to use and customize, and it looks great.
(By : MJG007)
Excellent template - THANK YOU!
(By : achmadfm)
Greeting From Indonesia, this is really awesome theme, i love it
(By : hidroxid)
Porto is excellent in all the categories mentioned. It has EVERYTHING and more, but in my case, it has EVERYTHING I have needed to create my website. The support is ULTRA cool and even ULTRA fast. The way the template is organized allows you to have EVERYTHING at hand. All you need is time, reading, and a bit of scrutiny. Thank you very much for your excellent work. (post again because cant see my post)
(By : brnEnvato)
The best customer support :)
Download Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template
3. Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template
  • No.1 Selling Template & Trusted by 60K Users
  • 1200+ Templates with Bootstrap 5 & SCSS
  • Lifetime Free Updates & Premium Fast Support
(By : thriftgirl62)
Tried them all for the past year and this one was the best by far. Easy to customize in DW. Thanks
(By : wilson765)
Had an issue with mobile speed but the team was really quick to step in and suggest changes that helped.
(By : sixamtech)
Best HTML Template I ever seen.
(By : lensmith)
Its a great template with so much to offer and with regular updates. I love it
(By : juanmh)
Practical, strong and stable, code to create cool sites.
(By : ichszan)
awesome design. but do not know exactly to use it :D
Download KLEO - Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme
(By : MiJelitawan)
Beautiful theme, full of features, great design, and above of all, I like the Support team. They replied fast and very helpful. Truly recommended!
(By : mariocecchi)
Really a great theme, full of features and very well structured. Also a special point goes to the Support team which is simply fantastic, prompt and committed to solve your requests.
(By : ewabek)
Very happy! Great theme! Many demos to choose!
(By : GeorgeCY)
Great theme, design, and fast
(By : jaimon82)
I've been working with this theme for many years now. Everything works perfectly. :)
(By : tintapreta)
Really interesting global theme for publications with excelente BuddyPress community and Directory solution - see for example
Download Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit
5. Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit
  • Based on Bootstrap 4, flexbox and SCSS
  • 1000+ components with options
  • 5 layout options in 2 styles
(By : codepoetry)
Purchasing this script for the fourth time. I love this one very much. Highly Recommended +++++
(By : sigilo)
Great theme, very complete UI and easy to implement
(By : paolobriones)
Overall this is the best template i have ever used.
(By : accmonster)
I begun to use this theme many years ago. Really great job. I feel always lucky to use it.
...and design quality.
(By : bhakali)
Best template i have ever used
Download Voice - News Magazine WordPress Theme
6. Voice - News Magazine WordPress Theme
  • 100+ newspaper & news portal layouts
  • Newspaper,news WordPress magazine of any kind
  • Rating system + affiliate marketing ready
(By : gnblack57)
Well designed theme which has been in use since 2016. Keeps the theme updated and supported. This was/is an excellent purchase which hits all the marks including documentation, availability, design, and constant improvements. Well done!
(By : pagineblu)
Even if my support period was expired they answered my questions in a fast and kind way. I appreciated it. Thank you.
(By : bobhenry749)
The Voice theme is awesome, beautiful design, and easy customization.
(By : handballeuse)
The rating of 5 stars does not do justice to neither the theme nor the producers. Voice is an excellent theme with a large degree of flexibility and customization available and we are very happy with how our website looks and functions. The theme was quite intuitive and combined with Meks' online documentation it was easy to set things up exactly the way we wanted it. The support offered by Meks is second to none and absolutely outstanding. E-mails are answered quickly, efficiently and accurately. We had many questions during the pre-sale phase and was impressed with the quality of their pre-sale support. After buying the theme we are both pleased - but also impressed - that the ongoing support meet the same high standards. Highly recommended!
(By : zarif007_)
awesome theme friendly with phone.
(By : meetkashifahmad)
Voice is one of my favorites themes on ThemeForest :) Lightweight, fast, flexible, well documented, and well designed! Thanks, Meks team for such an awesome theme.
Download Pages - Admin Dashboard Template
(By : aakashbarot)
Read this comment before you buy any template. In my life I have bought some good and some average template. But this one was different. Templates are usually designed with limited view. If it looks good and sells, thats it. But pages feels like these guys have put in their heart into every single details. From the quality of code that is joy to work with, to the way each feature and aspects work together. This template is designed with heart. I have used many template, but none like this one. I feel they are charging too little. They should bump up their price definitely. Just a great great product. Good job guys.
(By : tonoraziz)
we love the infield-form design.
(By : villajhon)
I really love this template. Is very easy to use.
(By : sunspyre)
Works great, but I did get stuck when trying to build the demo project. Turns out I didn't have Git installed, so npm install kept crashing. After I downloaded Git for Windows and ran npm install, then npm serve, it worked fine.
(By : diandroids)
Good template and fast loading.. small bandwith data at any page. Good for a small company applications.
(By : amprodes)
amazing design! 100% recommended!
Download Angulr - Bootstrap Admin Web App with AngularJS
(By : efSolutions_dev)
thanks for this template, way in coding is very simple
(By : FondaWu)
Very good template.I used it more than 3 years
(By : gareging)
Really nice template and served me a lot of years in my projects.
(By : PixelsPug)
Just one word: Superb!
(By : hellokeykey)
(By : nocholla)
Simple, precise, easy to understand code. Great App.
Download Stack - Multi Purpose HTML with Page Builder
9. Stack - Multi Purpose HTML with Page Builder
  • Exclusive Variant Page Builder Included
  • 140 layouts and over 240 content blocks
  • .Less files for unlimited colour schemes
(By : werewolves196910)
Great page builder, I use it all the time to this day. Simple interface.
(By : globers)
My best purchase on ThemeForest in 6 years. Thanks.
(By : schoba)
Great design and ease of use!
(By : jubedesign)
Love the design, flexibility and documentation. Thanks meduim_rare
(By : kulikowski)
Great website builder. Just amazingly easy to use...
(By : moosey_man)
The best made theme I have bought today I have this template running with laravel and honestly it is absolutely brilliant! the code is so clean and easy to work with, its also really easy to strip down and add your own stuff to unlike some of the big clunky themes like polo. well done medium_rare I will be keeping an eye on all of your projects from now on, and if you keep it like this I will certainly be a long standing customer.
Download Polo - Responsive Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template
10. Polo - Responsive Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template
  • 220+ beautiful multipurpose demos
  • Trusted by more than 12700+ customers
  • Lifetime updates & Professional Support
(By : edendom)
The fastest template I buy on themeforest with excellent code quality.
(By : Mmm34w)
I love it! THANK YOU!
(By : sumitvaswani1)
Easy to customize and fast.
(By : alearedesign)
Useful, adaptable for different projects, includes great plugins. Best purchase!
(By : darrenflanagan)
I have used this template quite a number of times now and every website looks totally different. This quality template is easy to use and works a dream for page load times. I recently had reason to use the support and was blown away at the speed and helpfulness, my experience of support on this website has been very poor but Inspiromedia are fantastic. I will continue to use this template and future templates from Inspiromedia... Keep up the great work guys. 5 stars are well deserved, I would give 6 if it were possible!
(By : NuOutline)
Great template, but even better support!
Download It's Brain - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template
(By : CalvinKaru)
This is beyond what I expected..
(By : Jaisteel)
Awesome interface ever seen. Thank you guys for making such a great template
Download Rhythm - Multipurpose One/Multi Page Template
12. Rhythm - Multipurpose One/Multi Page Template
  • Based on Bootstrap 5
  • Designed with Accessibility in Mind
  • Accurate HTML code with comments
(By : blacky62)
Beautifull template, nice code and easy to customize. Optimization & structure are verry good for SEO basics.
(By : MJG007)
(By : mohkul)
Amazing job and easy to customize.
(By : GedoX7)
This is really bestlooker !!!
(By : julienproietti)
Your latest update is awesome! The "rhythm-v3" version is wonderful, Congratulations!
(By : tdwright23)
I bought this theme in 2015 along with the Wordpress version. I have been in love with it ever since. The update to Bootstrap 5 has renewed my love and I am ready to go back to this theme for my site. Awesome work! Thanks for sticking with this theme totally worth it.
Download Foundry Multipurpose HTML + Variant Page Builder
13. Foundry Multipurpose HTML + Variant Page Builder
  • Exclusive Variant Page Builder included
  • 100+ responsive layouts and over 95 blocks
  • .Less files for unlimited colour schemes
(By : kperezmon)
It's a great selection of templates plus a website builder!
(By : ovitemp)
I don't know any code writing buy I used very easy this template
(By : Ekateriname)
Hi everybody! I have used 3 years and i love it! The Foundry very useful theme
(By : amrudesh)
I have made so many pages for my site with this and works great. Variant is cool too.
(By : gizmonic)
I really like the Foundry theme and have been finding the Variant builder super easy to use. I had an issue with the builder and opened a support ticket. They found and fixed it very quickly and were super helpful. With excellent customer service like that, I know I made the right decision!
(By : pratikjain227)
Thanks a lot, you rock \m/ I don’t have words for the excellent quality of work you do and the service that you provide. I have to increase the rating from 4 to 5 on ThemeForest for foundry and I will keep an eye on all the themes that you make in the future.
Download Vuexy - Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template
14. Vuexy - Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template
  • Pure VueJS React, Laravel & HTML RTL Ready
  • Created with Vue CLI, Vuesax & Vue router
  • 4 Functional apps, Dark-Light Layouts
(By : ecommando)
With the exception of using Vue composition with Vue 2.6 (personal opinion, of course), it's an awesome piece of work and well worth the money. Support is fantastic as well!
(By : AlonsoUgarte)
Por lejos lo mejor del mercado!
(By : creative4me)
Very well structured and easily customizable CMS template with lot of options and platforms. Good support!
(By : am1rnet)
nice template, recomended seller
(By : keithtam)
The design is well-structured. The guide is neat and very readable. Perhaps the availability of quick starter could even be better espcially for less experienced programmer like me. Most importantly, the support is fantastic. It really helps me to understand the template quickly. Thanks Andrew.
(By : eugenehan)
You must purchase this !!! they publish updates frequently and their code really great!. thanks guys!!!!
Download Porto Admin - Responsive HTML5 Template
15. Porto Admin - Responsive HTML5 Template
  • 100+ HTML Template Files
  • 50+ Plugins
  • Bootstrap 4 + SCSS + Exclusive Style Switcher
(By : vindeshi)
This is such a template which is full fill all my needs
(By : ugurtengen)
I did not expect that much code support, it was really a bonus. I was very pleased for this product.
(By : frankict)
Incredible admin theme with outstanding customer support! 5/5 with no doubt!
(By : PATRON54)
the best support okler ;) thank you.
(By : tsegreto)
This template is awesome, but the support offered by Okler is also 5/5 stars. Definitely recommended.
(By : s3am)
Great product and customer support
Download ProUI - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template
(By : macdeb)
Très bon travail. Code propre. 'Installation' simple Contenu impressionnant. Vaut très largement son prix.
(By : david_munoz)
I bought this template many years ago, and still use it for most of my projects. I love it as an Admin template. Most simple, customizable and light weight ever.
(By : hajjaj)
thanks for the good work
(By : Nickyboom)
This is just the best investment i made on this site ever. Having frontend to advertise and backend to manage, this template still surprises me with the number of solutions it provides to solve my challenges in building a multi-tenant mobile company portal at Hopefully it will open soon.. Thanks again for your awesome work, that is really built with love.
(By : twisted1919)
These guys are amazing and their products are top-notch, carefully crafted to details, i can't recommend them enough!
(By : DouglasDidIT)
ProUI is the most impressive template offering I've seen, and I've looked at many of them. They provide every option that I could ever need and more, and their well commented code makes it easy to make any adjustments necessary. On top of that, their response to an inquiry to support was timely and very precise, which I find refreshing, given the lack of responsiveness from so many others. Thank You very much. You can bet that I'll be back Douglas
Download Herald - Newspaper & News Portal WordPress Theme
17. Herald - Newspaper & News Portal WordPress Theme
  • 500+ newspaper & magazine oriented layouts
  • Perfect for newspaper, news or portal website
  • Great for reviews & affiliate marketing too
(By : marcincodecanyon)
It is really very good
(By : scottsmithuxllc)
Super clean design, easy to customize, and fantastic support. Highly recommend.
(By : secretsofparis)
I really like this theme, and the support has been great so far in getting it set up.
(By : hsujaya)
Good customer support, they responded to me even if it is on weekend. Thank you for the support
(By : stevivor)
Herald's a great magazine theme with a stellar crew behind it. Fantastic support as well!
(By : angellodias)
Facilidade e Flexibilidade para criar os mais diversos tipos de Sites e Portais. Excelente escolha!
Download OneUI - Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template, Laravel 8 Starter Kit & Vue Edition
(By : inpresif)
It's amazing. In all areas. Support, Updates, Flexibility and eye for detail. Love it.
(By : tblind)
Great template to use with Vuejs and bootstrap-vue. I specially like the fact that the sass files and rules are very well structured, so I was able to only keep components and styles that I really needed.
(By : marmeladhero)
Best code quality that I faced design looks good too
(By : jonesc22)
Really well thought out, excellent quality comments in files thanks for an excellent product.
(By : ottaviane)
Very very good and fast. Resolved my problems.
(By : PeVaDa)
This is a serious UI kit that leave out the nonsense animations and features that make many other themes here way too complex. OneUI is modern, clean and well documented. I just started working with it but so far it's well worth the money. If that changes I'll update this review but so far, it's great.
Download CoWorker - Responsive Multipurpose Template
(By : amirash1993)
every thingis good design and flexibility also
(By : thefirstblossom)
Very goo theme, easy to custom and really efficient. I highly recommend it.
Download Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme
20. Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme
  • Multipurpose Admin Template
  • Flexible and Full Featured Dashboard Designs
  • Configurable Layouts
(By : matthewbga)
Very nice theme for an admin interface. It has loads of features, but it doesn't get so opinionated as to get in your way.
(By : dupeplay)
The best i used ever... Good job guys.. Cheers
(By : Encrypt95)
Really flexible, im really happy with this <3
(By : Carlhussey)
I wish I could rate 5 stars on every category :) - Awesome work!
(By : samphorschhean)
Definitely love the quality of coding
(By : deandex)
Good design and have good feature
Download Pivot | Multi-Purpose HTML with Page Builder
(By : mikersson)
Nice job. I just found it in my account after a long time, I have downloaded it again.
(By : selcukb)
hello sir i did buy this template but i can download this template when say this is demo can i do? best regards
(By : PAServices)
Another amazing theme, well done guys and I will be buying this again for another site.
(By : HKMagen)
An excellent product with excellent support, a true gem, very happy with this purchase.
(By : danielsami)
Good job! Unfortunately, I can only select one option as the main reason for my rating, but I would say that Documentation, Code and Design Quality are also reasons to give Pivot and medium_rare its well deserved 5 star rating. Keep up the good work and thank you for a job well done!
(By : yidofx)
Very good, it's better if can update again
Download Stack - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Variant Page Builder & Visual Composer
(By : mrfvr)
Amazing theme for a modern wordpress site.
(By : valerieurso)
Extremely clean, minimalist design with easy to customize features. I've used it now for several sites. The Variant Page Builder is my favorite builder so far (compared to Elementor, Divi, others). Support was prompt and helpful.
(By : sourcemaker)
Great theme, awsome installer (onboarding / theme setup)
(By : smart_idiot)
"Stack" is one of my all time favorites. I really like to work with it and I love it's clean look. There are a lot of UI Elements you can use and because of WPBakery PageBuilder it's very customizable.
(By : Minty02)
It's a good theme, just increase the maintenance and feature updates a bit like other themes.
(By : bangabu)
This theme look simple but powerfull, i like the design
Download Lambda - Multi Purpose Responsive Bootstrap Theme
(By : bilemi)
Honesty and transparency goes a long way.
(By : samehj)
Nice Theme it's so beautiful and helpful
(By : iconoscs)
Este es un tema muy versátil. Gracias!
(By : ruy_teran)
La flexibilidad del diseño es espectacular. Muy buen producto.
(By : p2pnola504)
Had some very minor issues and the support staff responded within minutes and helped me get the issues quickly resolved. Very impressed!
(By : executivemedia)
Previously I had reported a concern of customer service on here. Since, I've had Oxygenna respond with support. I do believe it was difficult to report a suggestion/concern, I would like to see that part changed. I have purchased 2 licenses for the theme over the years, and the team has been great at assisting my concerns.